Clarity, Confidence and Connection

Communication Skills

Clarity, Confidence and ConnectionCommunication Skills

Interpersonal communication is the process by which people exchange information, feelings and meaning through verbal and non-verbal messages. Interpersonal communication is not just about what is actually said – the language used – but how it is said and the non-verbal messages sent through tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures and body language. We work with your staff to develop a versatile and effective toolkit that transforms individuals to communicate more effectively with much greater confidence and clarity.

Participants of Clarity, Confidence & Connection will learn how to:

  • Use their body language, voice and interaction
  • Manifest constructive attitudes and beliefs
  • Develop effective listening skills
  • Use the right words and animate your voice

Frame and Presence

Frame and Presence teaches people in business to stand up, be effective and connect with an audience in a way that engages, excites and entices. This workshop will give participants practical strategies to enable them to have a strong sense of presence before and during workplace interactions.

Our class on The Frame offers an easy to remember, fail safe, practical set of tools for taking control and engaging an audience. This workshop prepares participants for interactions of all kinds
including one-on-one, managing meetings and presenting to larger groups.

Frame and Presence is good for:

  • Learning to speak with confidence
  • Harnessing movement, voice, body language and eye contact
  • Presenting in a way that sells the brand as well as key messages
  • Delivering presentations with confidence, credibility and authority
  • Aligning your message to your audiences needs
  • Learning how to connect with an audience
  • Creating a heightened reputation for yourself and your brand
  • Understanding the ‘Call to Action’ and how to leave a lasting impression

Master the Media

Learn how to maintain control of a media interview through focused preparation. Develop clear, engaging messages and enhance your natural communication skills to help you deliver your message in a calm, confident and effective manner. The workshop will simulate real interview situations – live radio, sound-bites for the evening news, casual interviews for online content and in-depth newspaper features.

Master the Media is good for:

  • Preparing for a media interview
  • Using everyday language to deliver your key message
  • Coping with nerves
  • Utilising your voice, tone, energy and enthusiasm
  • Bridging and blocking particular questions
  • Understanding how to keep an audiences attention
  • Recognising interview techniques and traps
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Making your message memorable

Design your own

Along with our specifically designed workshops to meet the requirements of the workplace and business environment, we give our clients the option to ‘Design Your Own’ Workshop.
We will listen to your needs to create a workshop specifically for you, targeting and combating the unique challenges you face. After understanding what suits you, we can combine elements from our existing workshops (for example, a half-day of communication skills with a half-day of interview technique) to address the issues you’ve raised. Alternatively we can create a brand new programme tailored to your work environment and situation.