GSA Silver Screen

Part-Time Screen Acting Training Programme

Tuesday & Thursday or Wednesday & Friday 8pm-10pm

acting for camera

Apply now for October 2020 entry.

Silver Screen is for adult actors with some prior actor training, who wish to branch into acting for camera. Taking place over two evenings and running over three terms, this course is a comprehensive training ground for screen actors. Entry to this course is by audition only. Once accepted on the course, you will be expected to commit to the three terms.

During the course students will work with professional tutors to develop the ability to identify and deliver credible cinematic performances. There will also be a focus throughout the three terms on developing a critical eye, audition preparation, working alone and with scene partners.

Due to smaller classes, we have a strictly limited capacity, thus all classes are now audition only.

Course Contents

Over the course of the three terms, the students will work on the following:

  • Assessing work productively
  • Breaking scenes down into beats based on character want and need
  • Understanding subtext
  • Scene shaping
  • Shots: what they are, the different sizes, and how to adjust the performance according to the size of the shot:
  • The crucial importance of the reaction shot
  • Framing: what it is and how it relates to performance
  • Private preparation: what to do and what to avoid
  • Vocal requirements for film
  • Audition techniques and understanding “the industry”
  • The nuances of physical, emotional and intellectual elements necessary for screen
  • Understanding character motivation

In addition, the class will receive masterclasses on screen-writing, directing, casting

Seminars/webinars will include talks from industry professionals such as actors, directors, casting directors and producers.

The course will take place in the Gaiety School of Acting in Temple Bar. In the event of the return of social distance restrictions, classes may be moved to an online platform.

All terms and policies can be found here.


Term One: October 2020-December 2020 | Term Two: January 2021-March 2021 | Term Three: April 2021-June 2021


€1950 (€650 per term)