Post Primary Programme

We have a range of specialised workshops specially tailored for young adults using drama, allowing them express themselves. Our Post Primary Programme uses drama as a way of approaching work. We address issues that may be encountered in day to day lives or assist with the demands of the educational curricula. Our workshops can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of your students. There are various ways in which we can approach the specific needs of your students so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Drama Workshop

Learn the basics of drama and the craft of acting; ice breakers, role plays, improvisation and drama activities allowing the group get to know one another. Drama is used as a way of encouraging and enhancing creative expression. Participants will be inspired, boosting confidence and creativity, along with enhancing communication, speech and articulation.

Interview with Confidence

This workshop explores methods to increase self-confidence and give participants a detailed understanding as to how best prepare for an interview and to follow this through in a role play situation including detailed positive feedback. It also identifies the unique personal characteristics of each individual and playing to the strenghts of each student.

Curriculum Workshops

Energetic, enjoyable and interactive workshops designed around a play or text, covering set texts on the Junior and Leaving Certificate and exploring the plot practically, the characters, their relationships, general themes and contemporary parallels. Workshops can be focused on: Irish Writers, Shakespeare, Classics or Contemporary plays.

Skills Workshop

Acting Skills, Musical Theatre, Acting for Camera & Film Making, Playwriting, and Voice Training,  and some innovative & special techniques!

Social Issues Workshop

A set of drama workshops that tackle social issues focusing on racism, bullying and addictions. Each workshop explores the topic from the students’ perspectives, challenging and creating awareness and empathy.


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You can download our latest online brochure with all the information here.