In Their Shoes

Empathy workshop through creative drama

During this workshop, children will focus on the issues of respect, empathy, emotional health and well-being. We will explore the following strand and strand units, taken from the Primary school curriculum: SPHE (DES, 1999): ‘Myself and other people’, ‘my friends and other people’ and ‘relating to others’.

This workshop will also look at ways at integrating literacy and numeracy skills into the drama curriculum while maintaining the integrity of the drama itself. The pupils will be expected to enter into and engage in a fictional world where the themes of bullying, marginalization and conflict resolution will be explored.

General Learning Outcomes

  • Encouraging pupils to show understanding and empathy for others
  • Highlighting the impact of their behaviours on others
  • Helping pupils to accept and celebrate similarities and differences
  • Developing pupil’s creative, emotional, moral, aesthetic and social behaviours
  • Promoting mental and emotional health and well being


  • SPHE
  • Literacy and Numeracy

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