Acting for Camera


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Acting for Camera

Screen Acting Programme for Ages 11-13 and 13-18

This course is for young people who want to hone their talent for TV and Film with Ireland’s most prestigious acting school. At the Gaiety School of Acting we have been training actors for over 30 years and the combination of our experienced tutors and quality equipment makes this the number one place to train as a young actor. The intensive course is taught by tutors not only experienced in the field of film-making, but who have also worked with young people for a number of years. You are thus guaranteed a course which is fun and engaging in addition to highly informative and challenging.

For Ages 11-13: July 13th-17th

For Ages 13-18: June 29th-July 3rd / July 13th-17th / Aug 17th-21st

Time: 10am-4pm

Cost: €200

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11-13 years: July 13th-17th, 13-18 years: Aug 17th-21st, 13-18 years: July 13th-17th, 13-18 years: June 29th-July 3rd