The Confidence Edge




Improve your presence and public speaking

Performance skills aren’t only useful for the stage; they are often utilised in business and everyday interactions to great effect. Your first impression is key: make sure it’s a
powerful one!

Do you sometimes struggle with putting yourself forward in a group? Perhaps networking at a party or a business event makes you break out in a sweat? Or do you want help silencing that negative voice in your head?

In The Confidence Edge participants will work with experienced tutors in unlocking their self-esteem and developing an inner poise and confidence that will follow through to
business and social interactions.

Benefits & Learnings

  • Learn, practice and adopt positive body language
  • Develop engaging gestures for effective communication
  • Have conviction in your abilities: find your strengths and work to them

Day: Tuesday

Dates: 11th January – 15th March

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: €350

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Apr 7th – Jun 9th