Harry Potter: Make-a-Movie




Harry Potter: Make-a-Movie Camp

Make-a-Movie Camp for Ages 8-12

We are inviting you to lose yourself in the Wizarding World and join us for a Harry Potter-themed online camp! Participants will study at the former school of Percival Graves himself (aka Colin Farrell), the Gaiety School of Acting, where they will learn everything they need to know to make a movie. The  course is taught by professionals in the film industry. All children will learn character development, screenwriting, storyboarding, camera styles, costume workshops and a link to your completed edited movie to show friends and family. Kids taking part in this course will have a lot of fun learning the art of movie-making!

The course will take place via Zoom and is open to children from across Ireland and beyond!

Ages: 8-12 years

Summer: July 19th – 23rd | 10am-12pm (FULLY BOOKED) or 1pm-3pm

Cost: €120

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July 19th-23rd