Private Voice Class



Voice One to One

Online Actor Training with GSA

Your training with GSA can continue in your own home, no matter what country you are in! You can book an hour long voice session with one of our leading voice coaches to ensure that you are keeping your voice exercised and using it effectively. The workshop will teach you to breathe better and ground yourself. You will also be taken through a voice workout which you can use for performance or day to day.

Participants of the Voice One to One will:

  • learn how to use your breath to support your voice
  • give yourself more time and choices in speaking
  • communicate ideas and text with more expression and with greater

Once you have purchased your one to one, we will contact you to arrange your lesson. All you need is a stable internet connection, and a skype or gmail account.

In the notes of your booking please indicate as much availability as possible – i.e evenings/mornings/weekends/specific days

Fee: €55