Young Performers Company


Advanced students can audition to join the Young Performers Company, where they will work with a group of highly motivated young actors, preparing devised and classical/contemporary scripts for performance, under the guidance of an experienced tutor/director. Each term culminates in a scripted performance. This course is suited to students who are experienced in drama and who wish to apply the skills they have developed through focused performance work. All students are asked to come to class prepared and to offer a full commitment to the 10-week term.

Ages 11-13 and 14-15 years

Please Note: Entrance is by audition only 

You can book your audition online below, by calling 01 – 6799277 or emailing




Young Performers Company

Students do not have to prepare or learn anything prior to attending but will be asked to participate in the workshop. Auditions are held at the same time as classes are normally held the week before term starts.

Participants of the Young Performers Company can expect:

  •  social, personal and artistic development through the medium of drama
  •  learning commitment and responsibility for the role they play and the contribution they make to the workshop itself
  •  freedom of creative expression in a fun and safe environment
  • team work, observation and feedback skills
  • tap into their strengths and gain confidence
  • explore complementary elements of theatre such as writing, directing and stage management

2019/2020 YPC Schedule

Term 1 | 28th Sept – 7th Dec

Term 2 | 11th Jan – 14th Mar

Term 3 | 4th Apr – Jun 13th 

11 – 13 yrs | Saturdays | 2.30pm – 4.00pm

14 – 15yrs | Saturdays | 4.15pm – 5.45pm 

Fee: €200


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11 – 13 Years Audition, 14 – 15 Years Audition