Imagination and Creativity – ‘Thinking outside the box’

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 at 2:31 pm | News & Events

You want your team to express themselves and to be creative. We can help!

Our ‘Imagination and Creativity’ Masterclass will empower your team members to see things in a new and unique way. It will give them the tools to explore more creative and imaginative solutions to a wide range of business issues. It will aid them in thinking of innovative ways to problem solve in their day to day roles. They will learn how to develop the critical performance skills of being spontaneous, creative and authentic. This workshop will leave participants with much food for thought and valuable lessons to take back to your team. It will enable them to create work and present it to their colleagues in a fun and dynamic way. This course is ideally suited for those looking to enhance creativity, develop new skills and learn personable sales techniques.


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