A game-based methodology for empowering dementia friendly communities and equal access to culture for people with dementia

Project Partners:

  • Challedu: Non-governmental organisation based in Athens, Greece
  • Panhellenic Federation of Alzheimer Disease (“Federation”): Non-governmental organisation based in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • The Gaiety School of Acting, The National Theatre School of Ireland (“GSA”): School/Institute/Educational Centre – Adult education based in Dublin, Ireland
  • Asociación Familiares Enfermos Alzheimer Valencia (“AFAV”): Non-governmental organisation based in Valencia, Spain
  • Herakleidon Museum: Non-governmental organisation based in Athens, Greece

Creating a game-based methodology through which people working in the culture industry and professional caregivers will enhance their competencies in supporting people with Dementia in participating in cultural activities. 


Key objectives:

  • To promote social inclusion and equal accessibility to culture of people with Dementia 
  • To adapt VET education of professionals in today needs for accessibility and inclusion
  • To create an innovative educational methodology and toolkit for VET education

Main priority:

Contributing to innovation in vocational education and training

This project is made up of 5 outputs:

1: Curate-D Methodological Guide 

2: Learning training guide on training the staff of cultural venues

3: Learning training guide on training the professional carers to support people

with dementia in cultural activities

4: Curate-D educational serious game

5: Training workshops and final report

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