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Cruinniú na nÓg 2024- The Light Box Workshop

Cruinniú na nÓg 2024- The Light Box Workshop


The Light Box’ workshop is a STEAM workshop based on the principles developed during our work on I-STEM (https://istem-project.eu/), an EU-funded project to combat early school leaving by introducing drama techniques in the teaching methods of STEM. This three-hour workshop will introduce participants to the concept of light through the lens of theatre, both as actors and as designers:

For ages 12-15 ideally



The first half of the workshop will take the form of a drama workshop where participants will devise a short piece of theatre based on a genre (comedy, tragedy, horror, mystery…) Each theatre piece will be performed and, with the help of an experienced facilitator, audience members will decide on light states/changes to enhance each scene’s given genre. Scenes will be performed a second time in order to experience the changes brought by the lights. Participants will learn how to direct a lighting operator and experience first-hand how light can support the work of the actor.

In the second half of the workshop, participants will themselves become light designers. They will create a miniature Black Box theatre and set a scene, using basic set pieces made out of recycled material. Using LED lights, torches and coloured gels, they will create and present the lighting for a scene and explore how light influences atmosphere, how it can reflect characters’ thoughts and direct the eye of the audience. They will discuss how the different light states influence their emotional reaction to a piece. A GSA facilitator will accompany them throughout this process by introducing them to basic staging & lighting techniques to enhance a story.

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