European Project to Combat Elder Abuse

S.T.Age – Socio-drama, Tackling Ageism, preventing abuse

STage - combating elder abuse

From 2015-2017 the Gaiety School of Acting and Age Action Ireland worked together to developed a programme to combat elder abuse. This project was funded by Erasmus Plus and involved partners from Finland, Romania and Italy.

The project was successful in designing and providing high-quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of the elderly, their family and friends and formal carers.  STAge targets those in long term care units and/or attending day centres. For the elderly, the education module is based on empowering them by enhancing awareness of their human rights and offering ways to safeguard their well-being. For formal carers, the training stemmed from the Biggs concept of generational intelligence; the ability to understand the ‘age other’ and put yourself in their shoes.

The methods used to delivery the education programme adopt a socio-drama approach. Through this approach the participants develop skills that transverse generations, enhancing both care giver and receivers experience of care.

The programme is developed and implemented by the Gaiety School of Acting’s Outreach Coordinator Anna Kadzik-Bartoszewska and Seamus Quinn. Visit the project website here.