Story Co-Op

Erasmus + KA – Youth 


Duration: 3 Years 



The Scoop Foundation, Dublin, Ireland

IGAM (The Re

search Centre on Asylum and Migration), Ankara, Turkey

The Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin , Ireland 

Greek Forum of Refugees, Athens, Greece

Ravdanur, Gaziantep,Turkey 

OneBridge, Verona, Italy


About the Project

According to the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, the EU is founded on the value of equality and non-discrimination and through its policies should combat discrimination based on racial or ethnic origin. European media played a central role in framing refugees’ and migrants’ arrival to European shores in 2015 as a crisis for Europe. Racist harassment, violence, and discriminatory ethnic profiling are commonplace in Europe, which increases the importance of the role of the media in exposing discrimination based on ethnic origin. Following the Black Lives Matter protests that spread across the continent this year, the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) has called on EU member states to step up their efforts. Refugees, ethnic minorities and migrants were given limited opportunities to speak directly of their experiences and suffering. If they were interviewed, they were victimised twice, they became victims of the events and portrayed as a threat to the host societies. 

The StoryCo-Op Project to empower rights activation in young adult and their communities to table hate speech and racism in media consists of 5 interrelated outputs:

  1. O1. “PRESS IT – Discrimination and hate in media – solutions, instrumental approaches, and best practices” – eBook
  2. O2. “PRESS PLAY- Lack of knowledge fuels the bitter curse of discrimination-What journalism could learn from documentary theatre”  – Documentary Theatre Play
  3. O3. “PRESS UPS” – Training Manual for youth-led NGOs working with refugees to empower youth to protect their rights while being interviewed and how to protect their communities 
  4. O4. “PRESS ON – Digital tool for the community”- Gamification Toolkit for communities
  5. O5. “PRESS FORWARD – From Practice to Policy”- Recommendation for Media/ Journalism/NGOs


Project Objectives: 

The StoryCo-op project is built around Recommendations addressed by the  Council of Europe “Media coverage of the “refugee crisis”: A cross-European perspective” report 2017, with the objectives:

  • to create initiatives for more inclusiveness in the media , including media access to ethnic minorities, refugee and migrants’ own voices
  • to allow for real youth-led co-creation between young refugees and professionals working in media and eventually to develop innovative approaches to tackle discrimination and hate in media 
  • to empower young refugees to protect themselves by knowing how to be interviewed by media
  • to create digital tools for ethnic minorities, refugees and asylum seekers communities (gamification tools) to protect their rights while being interviewed 
  • to promote good practice cases on recognition of migrants and refugees as more than mere mass and/or victims and/or perpetrators of crime and terrorism in media coverage
  • to promote links between mainstream media and refugee and migrant journalists
  • to initiate contact between migrants/refugees and the media and capacity building in order to make them participants in rather than objects of media coverage.


A special focus will be put on alternative and innovative forms of participation for young refugees/ethic minorities in developing the resources to enable them to connect with political and social processes affecting their lives, and in this way to combat their discrimination.