The Gaiety School of Acting has been inspiring Confidence and Creativity in all age groups for over 30 years. We are proud of the quality of our courses, the standard of our tutors and the constantly positive feedback we receive about all our courses and workshops! Don’t believe us…have a look for yourself and please feel free to submit your own experiences with us any time!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and really learned a lot from Russell yesterday in his accent masterclass. His way of teaching was so insightful yet simple and easy to understand. I definitely have taken away so much to help further me in my career and I’m really grateful. I want to thank the Russell and the school for the help and I hope to take more of the classes available.

Matt Cassidy, ‘Accent Workshop’ July 2015

‘The most incredible full day Workshop I’ve ever had on any subject,… anywhere for that matter… ‘Singing’ at the theatre school in Dublin!! The tutor, Sharon Sexton was absolutely excellent…. Informative, practical, and fully focused for both the 3 hour sessions. Technique in the morning; and performance and interpretation in the afternoon. If the success of any workshop is that the participants feel so energised and inspired at the end that they want the workshop to continue then Sharon’s ‘Singing Workshop’ certainly succeeds with flying colours! Congratulations on a brilliant day’

Alan Cox, ‘Singing Workshop’ participant

‘I never would have expected these techniques to work but everyday after class, my breath has never been so under control. It was a truly amazing experience for me’
Molly Stark-Ragsdale, Voice Workshop

I found it extremely fun, interesting and educational and I thought each person in the class was tested in a very positive way, promoting self-confidence and understanding, illuminating that natural fear we all possess when faced with a task we may not be totally comfortable with. The day seemed to fly by and I found myself being disappointed that it had come to an end. If you are holding a second workshop (maybe evolving camera work),

Siobhan Murphy, TV Presentation 2012

‘I really enjoyed the day. It was a real confidence boost to hear you thought I have potential’,

Sheila Dorgan, TV Presentation 2012

‘I just wanted to say a quick thank you for today, I really enjoyed it. I definitely left more confident than when I arrived.’

Lisa Baldwin, TV Presentation 2012

‘Comedy Improv with Donal was a bundle of laughs. He’s great at making his class feel comfortable straight away, even if it’s doing something you’ve never done before. He mentioned he’d like to take the course further and maybe do a run of different classes in comedy Improv, leading to a performance at the end. I would love to do such a course. The camera for acting courses were very intense and I felt I got a lot out of the short time we had the classes. Donal gives excellent feedback in a positive and constructive manner. All three of the courses I did really helped to improve my confidence in acting’

Comedy Improv Student, 2012

I did the Confidence Edge Workshop with Donal Courtney and the feedback I got was amazing. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your techniques and words of encouragement. – Orlagh Deegan, Corporate Workshop, April 2019

“Seamus is a fantastic facilitator; adept, organised and very warm. His feedback came across as personalised, insightful and genuine. I found the day very enjoyable and useful”


“Seamus was amazing! He was really genuine, thorough, relaxed and made everyone feel very comfortable straight away. He has an amazing way of getting the best out of even the shyest person and is extremely knowledgeable in this area. I would highly recommend this course with Seamus as tutor.”


“I’ve been on many, many Presentation/Speaking courses as I’ve developed a healthy fear of both as life’s gone on. All are very similar. I got so much more out of yesterday on so many levels than other courses. I would definitely recommend it to others. A fantastic team building/bonding day, as well as very insightful in terms of tools, exercises and different thinking around presenting. Seamus was fantastic and all the elements of the day were really well thought out and expertly delivered. Thank you for a great day and all the valuable learnings.”


“Seamus was incredibly good. He relaxed us, and slowly broke us in to the presenting skills with wonderful exercises. The class tied together beautifully and his feedback was insightful and very sincere and generous. He inspired confidence in all of us and I will be recommending this course and him to everyone.”


“This was an absolutely wonderful course. Really fun, extremely relevant and Seamus was such a wonderful, and patient,teacher! He was very positive when giving feedback and very engaging.I liked the way we gradually built up to doing our own presentations which made it sightly less daunting! A fantastic course.”


“This was an absolutely wonderful course. Really fun, extremely relevant and Seamus was such a wonderful, and patient,teacher! He was very positive when giving feedback and very engaging.I liked the way we gradually built up to doing our own presentations which made it sightly less daunting! A fantastic course.”


“This was an absolutely wonderful course. Really fun, extremely relevant and Seamus was such a wonderful, and patient,teacher! He was very positive when giving feedback and very engaging.I liked the way we gradually built up to doing our own presentations which made it sightly less daunting! A fantastic course.”


“This was a fun and useful workshop that was well structured and finished by giving us a great sense of achievement. Well done.”


“Seamus was an excellent tutor, it was great fun but I learnt a lot. I definitely gained more confidence and he showed us really beneficial exercises.”


“Thank you for a most interesting and informative day at the training for Brown Thomas. I picked up additional selling techniques which I know will be very helpful and I have put my posture and breathing techniques into good use today! The feedback on the day has been very positive and we look forward to our next training day.”

Yvonne Byrne, Store Manager, Brown Thomas Galway, 2015

“Guinness Storehouse’s aim is to provide an entertaining Guinness experience for its many visitors. Through a series of workshops the Gaiety School has worked with us to develop a great platform for engagement and confidence building, creating a great exercise for team building”

Catherine Keegan, Visitor Experience Manager, Guinness Storehouse, 2013

“I want nothing more than to ‘master’ the craft. The GSA helped me take these steps closer to that. I grew as both an actor and a person. I just wish I could stay longer and grow even further. Thank you.”

Lucas Iverson, New York University, NY, Jan 2015

“My visit to The Gaiety School of Acting was amazing! I learned so much more about my craft and my style as an actor. Being in class with Patrick, Martin and Helena was always a delight and an insightful experience. The students and faculty were always positive and very welcoming. At the GAS, I was challenged and brought to become a better actor. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity to have studied here.”

Chrisanna Rock, Messiah College, PA, Jan 2015

“It was a challenging course that really helped me grow as an actor. I rediscovered my love for acting and my confidence in the craft has increased. I would recommend this class to any actor in training.”

Marcie Webber, Messiah College, PA, Jan 2015

“I loved my time at The Gaiety School of Acting. The impact these three weeks have made is incredible. I will treasure this experience and my time in Dublin always. Thank you to everyone who taught, instructed and guided me while I was here.! Blessed to be surrounded by such great artistry. The Gaiety School of Acting helped fuel my great love for acting. I have a lot to take back to the States and apply. It was so enjoyable and challenging in the best possible way. Incredible place. Thank you!”

Kieran Maye, Messiah College, PA, Jan 2015

“I had a wonderful experience at the GSA. These have been some of the most intense and most rewarding weeks of work that I have ever experienced. I look forward to using all that I have learned in the future and to use my experiences here as a constant reminder of just how far hard work can take you. Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

Lauren Keena, Wellesley College, MA, Jan 2015

“I cant believe 3 weeks went by so fast. This was definitely worth doing. I will be recommending those back home to attend the GSA. Very thankful to get to study at one of the best acting schools ever.”

Ardalon Roberts, Guilford College NC, Jan 2015

‘The Gaiety School of Acting was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It will be something I will never forget’

Katie Kelsey, St Marys University, Minnesota, Dec 2014

‘I was impressed with how much we were able to achieve in two weeks and would do it again in a heartbeat! I loved the opportunity. I was able to find new strength and stage presence after begin taught how to become more comfortable in my body, breathing and connecting with others’

Danielle LaFerriere, St Marys University, Minnesota, Dec 2014

‘I enjoyed our visit to the Gaiety School of Acting immensely. Everyone there was so welcoming and caring including staff, teachers and students. Everyone truly cared for us. Gerry Dukes lectures were some of the best I have ever had and Patrick’s ability to push us and make us work was amongst the best’

Anna Novak, St Marys University, Minnesota, Dec 2014

‘A brilliant, difficult, acting intensive course that helped me to learn so much about my craft. I never released the full extent of what I could achieve in a short amount of time…The style of teaching from various tutors was very different and I loved the variety of teaching. Having the reverse of my usual style was just brilliant, it was hard work but I feel I learned a lot. It was a great course’

Michael Keating, St Marys University, Minnesota, Dec 2014

‘Patrick has an amazing insight into acting, and a very unique technique of working with words first before looking at anything else’

Michael Keating, St Marys University, Minnesota, Dec 2014

‘Helena, the voice coach, taught us some really key things about the body and the interconnectedness of the body, the mind, the soul and the craft. Her vocabulary and language fluently translated Acting truth and philosophy to us on a deep level..Patrick has a really infectious personality. He really invests in us as individuals. he takes the time to really listen and really watch us work’ Gabriel Verges, St Marys University, Minnesota, Dec 2014

‘It was such an amazing experience for me, I have learned so much in just three short weeks. I have been pushed and encouraged to explore and expand”
Sarah Rodgers, J-Term 2013

‘An amazing experience – This being my first abroad study. It was enjoyable from the techniques practiced in the studio to the cultural visits. I would like to continue my adventure with the Gaiety School of Acting’
Conor Richardson, J-Term 2013

‘We had to search for something really deep in ourselves as we perform and that was a truly amazing experience’
Molly Stark-Ragsdale, J-Term 2013

‘Wonderful! Best two weeks of my life!’

Molly Nocera, St Mary’s University, Minnesota, Dec 2013

‘I loved the Gaiety School! Everyone – teachers, directors, students and program planners were lovely and the program challenged me and taught me so much! Thank you!’

Sydney Wilkins, St Marys University, Minnesota, Dec 2013

‘It was a dream come true. Thank you for this opportunity!’

Hannah Schwartz, St Marys University, Minnesota, Dec 2013

‘The Gaiety School of Acting was a great place to work and I feel that I have grown as a performer in the 2 weeks being here.’

Carlos Villapando, St Marys University, Minnesota, Dec 2013

‘This program was such an enriching experience. It boosted my confidence in my acting ability and gave me many tools to use in the future.’

Haylie McComb, St Marys University, Minnesota, Dec 2013

‘Awesome! Patrick has demanded nothing but the best from us as a class and I think that is essential.’

Billy Murphy, St Marys University, Minnesota, Dec 2013

“My visit to the Gaiety School of Acting was very intense and challenging. I learned a lot about myself as an actor and I had a great time. It was a wonderful experience.”

Regina Harris, St Mary’s University 2010

“I have enjoyed every minute of it and have really improved through focusing entirely on acting. I have learned to let go which was aided very much through devising with Antoinette. In addition, I have felt extremely comfortable and like I have the freedom and space to open up and allow things to happen without judgement. I cannot thank you enough for such a phenomenal experience”
Jennifer Kane, IES Abroad

“It’s like an educational trip and you don’t even know you’re being taught. Not only do you get to study acting but you get a better understanding of Irish culture and history first hand. I loved studying acting and having all the cultural visits planned out. It’s like killing 2 birds with one stone. I learned how to trust myself better and believe in my own brilliance”

Peter Parsons, IES Abroad

“Fantastic. Everyone (instructors, administration, faculty, students) were warm, welcoming and very helpful. The overall experience was just wonderful’

Jo Pfistner, Messiah College

“Great programme. I wish I could spend a whole semester here. I think you have a strong programme and I’m very proud to have been a part of it, however briefly.”

Thomas Conry, St Mary’s University

I’ve just finished the Performance year course with Antoinette Duffy and I wanted to send the school an email because I couldn’t have been happier with the quality of training I received!’ – Performance Year 2019

I loved all my short courses and the performance year. It has given me a new lease of life and creativity. Kristian and all the teachers were amazing.’ – Lydia Leigh, Performance Year 2017 

Although the craic in class was mighty, Antoinette is a tough woman who means business, with all the laughs balanced with hard work. With the use of many different exercises we have not only learned skills and techniques but also a thought process. I feel this has given me a strong foundation that will stand to me in further training. Her countless references to past and present playwrights, plays, books, movies, and actors was an education in itself! Her knowledge is endless! I have learned so much about so much. It was worth every penny!! – Amy Gallagher, Performance Year 2016

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the team at The Gaiety School of Acting following completion of the one year part-time Performance Year in Acting. It was an incredible journey from beginning to end. In particular thanks to our tutor Clare Maguire who guided us expertly throughout the year. Clare’s energy, humour and generosity helped to make every minute of the course enjoyable. The highlight of the year was the showcase ensemble performance, where our class performed what we had worked on in the final term. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone considering attending. – Martin O’Reilly, Performance Year 2015

I think the most beneficial class for me was Manifesto. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of creating your own work when you’re starting out. I’ve seen a lot of people I know from the Gaiety put on innovative, small budget stuff which has got them a lot of attention from agents etc. and led to more work. – Ian Toner, Class of 2013

The 2 years at the Gaiety were some of the best years of my life. – Caoimhe O’Malley, Class of 2011

I loved the open space in each room, where anything could happen. The focus was completely on you, the performer. I loved the sense of discovery and surprise one would receive throughout each term – learning more about yourself as a performer and also witnessing the work of your other classmates. – Lorna Quinn, Class of 2007

I made some of my greatest friends there. I think it matured me a lot as I went in there straight from school. I had some great tutors also. Maureen White was brilliant for me. I’d credit herself and John Delaney with giving me real confidence in my own ability. – Ian Lloyd Anderson, Class of 2007

“My favourite part of the school was the tutors. They all work in the industry so their knowledge of the business is invaluable. I learnt so much about myself and what I wanted from life. They taught me so much about the craft.” – Sarah Greene, Class of 2006

I liked having a safe platform to experiment on with actors I trusted. Making mistakes, learning from them and growing. Knowing all the time that there weren’t any serious repercussions at the end of it all. – Aidan Turner, Class of 2004

Being in the Gaiety School of Acting was the most creative time of my life thanks to being constantly challenged, surprised, shocked, overwhelmed, annoyed, excited, scared, thrilled and inspired by everything that happened in our Manifesto classes. I never made as many artistic discoveries in my life as I did back then. – Alicja Ayres, Class of 2011

The unrelenting drive that the tutors have to make you shine at your brightest is awe inspiring. Training in the school gives you the great opportunity of working with other actors who, while in the same position as you, inspire you with their own amazing talents. – Simon Stewart, Class of 2009

The chance to play, take risks and make mistakes in a really safe environment with wonderful actors and tutors was invaluable. – Aileen Mythen, Class of 2003

I really like Patrick (the Director) when I interviewed and I liked his attitude. The school was just for me. It was a practical course – that’s what I wanted rather than something academic. – Sarah Green, Graduate of the Full Time Actor Training Programme, Class of 2006 & Tony Award Nominee 2014.

‘When I heard about the GSA’s Performance Theatre Company last year, it was an absolute no-brainer that I was going to try and get in. The chance to work as part of a performance driven ensemble, as well as with three great directors, was too good to pass up. I loved my time in the Advanced Year in Performance, under the guidance of David Scott, and like most of us I wanted to keep knuckling down and challenge myself’ – Ellen-Jane Kruger, Performance Theatre Company, Class of 2014.

‘I had an amazing time during the course and met some great people. John and Antoinette were brilliant, loved every minute – especially the first two terms. Don’t what I’ll do now! I would definitely recommend the school and course if anyone ever asks’ – Mark Mc Cluskey, Advance Performance Year, 2013-2014

“The teachers were extremely talented, passionate and supportive. They all have a common goal in mind and a dedication to their class that I have not experienced in any other course that I have taken.”

2nd Year 2010

“Manifesto is an exciting and relevant aspect of this course”
2nd Year 2010

“Working with Maureen White was an experience I will never forget. I learned so much from her and she has such an incredibly insightful and intuitive soul that no student ever gets left behind”
2nd Year 2010

“It served as an extremely worthwhile experience and one that I will recommend on to others. Manifesto was superb and culminated in a show that we were very proud of. My voice had improved, my agility has improved, my technique has improved.”
2nd Year 2010

“The support from the teachers was brilliant. The fact that I felt completely comfortable approaching any of the staff if I had an issue. The amazing class and challenges posed for us. The freedom to be the kind of actor you want to be and not the kind of actor the school wants to turn out.”
1st Year 2010

“Our main tutors were brilliant. They were really dedicated, put loads of work into the class and you felt you got lots of time individually to work with them and get feedback.”
1st Year 2010

”The atmosphere in the school was welcoming and positive. You were always made aware that there were numerous staff members you could talk to if you had a problem”
1st Year 2010

“The support from the staff and teachers was great. I never felt there was anything I couldn’t speak to someone about if I felt the need. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, talented bunch of people to train with and I have no doubt I will be the better actor for it. I never got the impression from any of our wonderful teachers that we were anything less than their top priority”
1st Year 2010

‘Irish Stammering Association has been using the Gaiety School of Acting Outreach Programme for over 5 years working with young people who stammer to help build their confidence and to develop self belief in their ability to communicate. The tutors involved have been excellent in connecting with the youngsters and creating an inclusive environment and providing a safe place for them to express themselves through drama regardless of how they speak. The School has helped us to grow from being Dublin based to providing events in both Cork and Galway for our younger members living there. The feedback we have gotten from both the parents and the youngsters who participate has been overwhelmingly positive and the number of ‘returners’ is testament to the success of the programme.’

Veronica Lynch – Chairman, Irish Stammering Association, June 2013

‘It seems like a worthwhile project and I hope this carries on and grows in the future. It has my full support and I will do anything to help.’

David Cooney, Youthreach Ballincollig, Project “Breathe”, April 2013

“I was resistant to start and unsure about being involved in drama but I got into it and learned more than I expected. It brought out issues that I wouldn’t have thought of in a discussion.”

Clare, Youthreach coordinator, Project “Breathe”, April 2013

‘On behalf of all the staff and teachers at ISI, I would like to say a big thank you to Donal (the tutor of the GSA) for this inspirational workshop. We really enjoyed the content and the venue (Black Box). Considering it was a Friday evening, after a hard week, the workshop energized everyone and was a valuable team-building activity. We will be back!’

Brian Burns, Director from ISI English School, April 2013

‘I enjoyed it a lot and felt it useful. There was some food for thought in the short discussion the tutor gave about the reasons for doing each activity. I can see ways in which I can incorporate similar activities in my teaching.’

Peter, Teacher, ISI English School, April 2013

‘We have thoroughly enjoyed the Gaiety School’s workshops in the college; they’ve always been key to the development of our member’s skills in all aspects of theatre, which is why we return to them each year!’
Alex Ryan, student UCD, 2011

‘The programme has provided our students with a great opportunity to express themselves and improve their confidence, self esteem, and communication skills, working as a team and producing a product that we are able to show to a wider audience. Many thanks!’
Bev Cotton, Coordinator of Youthreach Macroom

‘Your facilitator was excellent. We have some very challenging students and she was well able to deal with them. The teachers here were really impressed with her manner and the with the workshops.’
Erika Roche, St Kevin’s School

‘Your teachers was smashing and the kids loved him and his approach. It all worked out really well and they had great fun, while also achieving what we set out to do. Definitely I would recommend the workshop to friends in other schools.’
Siobhan Cullen, Roscommon Community College

‘As an outsider to the field of drama, I found the workshop to be a very interesting insight into the pathway Irish actors and actresses must take to make a career out of their trade. It was extremely informative and I am very glad I went.’
Casting and Audition Workshop, UCD student 2013

‘I thought it was brilliant and enjoyed every second! Really wonderful class.’
Voice and confidence participant, Marino Institute of Education 2012

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely on behalf of myself and the children for a most enjoyable tour yesterday. We were made to feel very welcome. The children really enjoyed it and personally I felt it offered good value for money. The warm up games in the theatre we’re great fun and having the opportunity to see the students at work was a real treat, as was spotting famous faces they recognised on the walls!They loved there VIP badges and imagining life back when Smock Alley originally opened in 1662! It was an overall big thumbs up from the kids and thanks once again for your hospitality.’
Hilary Parkinson, Principle of Clarecastle National School, June 2012

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the great day out on Friday. It was a fantastic production and the children and myself thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great introduction to Shakespeare for them and I really felt the performance dealt with the more mature themes very well and age appropriately.”
Teacher, Grange National School, Shakespeare Primary Schools Programme

“Today we went to Smock Alley Theatre […] we saw ‘Romeo & Juliet’, made masks, did a tour and recreated a scene from the play. It was the first play I’ve ever seen, let alone a Shakespeare play. The acting was very good and so was the writing.”
Student, St Patrick’s Cathedral Choir School, Shakespeare Primary Schools Programme

“I thought the cast was perfect. They were very talented actors. I also think, looks-wise, that’s how I imagined the,. They didnt make one mistake in their lines, even though old English is hard to speak casually nowadays. I would rate the play ten out of ten.”
Student, St Patrick’s Cathedral Choir School, Shakespeare Primary Schools Programme

“I really enjoyed the Romeo and Juliet play because it was set and preformed really well. Also it helped me understand the play more and I would think I am much more capable of writing a description of the play or characters after watching your play in the Granary which will really help me in the junior cert. Thanking you.”
Nicole Walsh, Junior Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Cork

“I really liked the play and the actors/actresses.It helped me to answer questions about Romeo and Juliet and helped me to know how the play would be staged.I also learned some of the quotes from listening to them being spoken.I think it will help me in my Junior Cert. I loved your production and thanks for it.”
Ebley, Junior Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Cork

“I think the play was very well directed, […] very well acted, costumes suited the characters and overall a brilliant performance.”
Stuart Murphy, Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Cork

“I really enjoyed Romeo and Juliet, the lay out was great and I could understand perfectly. It will help me a lot for my Junior Cert. THANK YOU!”
Josh Crean, Junior Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Cork

“I really liked the play. I liked the way the characters were played, and how they expressed the characters emotions. It was a good experience and I think it will help me with my junior cert.”
Ryan Harrington, Junior Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Cork

“We saw Macbeth today. Top class production and really enjoyable workshops after. Congrats to all involved from students at Colaiste an Chraoibhin, Fermoy.”
Fiona McDonnell, Teacher, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Cork

“A fabulous show – My students and I really enjoyed it – this will really help them in their appreciation of the play.
We look forward to future productions.”
Gemma Moran, Teacher, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Cork

”The Shakespeare Schools Programme is very unique and clever. The workshops were very helpful.”
Aoibhín Ní Nuadhéin, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”Hugely enjoyable and helpful. Really brought the characters and their inner conflicts to life. The workshops were very thorough and enjoyable. Very interactive and thought provoking.”
Deirdre McDarrell, Teacher, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”Helped show Macbeth in a different light […] well thought out and helped give a better understanding of the play.”
Stephen Smith, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”Presented and constructed very well. Also, seeing each scene acted out is extremely helpful. Makes it easier to remember now.”
Daithí Ó Seasuín, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”Very helpful and insightful. Made me think of Macbeth in a new way.”
Caoimhe Ní Chríoinín, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”It’s a great interactive programme that gets everybody involved and thinking”.
David Farrell, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”Ar fheabhas! Bhain mé an-taitneamh as!”
Charlotte, Teacher, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”It was such a treat watching Macbeth and learning from it. Before I entered the building I was unclear about some of the play but now I have a much better understanding and really enjoyed it too! Great work guys!”
Alex MacUaid, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”Great performance. Really helps to see it live”.
Seán Ó Floinn, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”The acting was brilliant and gave me a great understanding without getting bored. Thank you!”
Alex Whelan, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”Seeing Macbeth was extremely helpful. I got to learn about Shakespeare in a fun and relaxed way!”
Pádraig Ó Maoiléidigh, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”I really enjoyed the performance and workshop. Very thought provoking and intellectual teacher. Thoroughly enjoyed the day.”
Logan Duff, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”Really enjoyed it. Very interesting and very relevant to the exam. I liked discussing and exchanging different ideas and opinions about the play.”
Shane Fitzgerald, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”It’s great to visualize the script and see the choices the actors have made.”
Nicola Madson, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”It was very good, The performance was very interesting in comparison to watching an old film”.
Chelsea Bedford, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”Really eye opening. The Shakespeare Schools Programme gets you thinking and analyzing the play in more detail.”
Savannah Deegan, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”It was very helpful to look at the play from different perspectives. The performance was the best Ive seen so far.”
John Lyons, Teacher, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”Both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth were portrayed very well. So was Banquo. I loved it. Thank you.”
Shane Cormac, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

”I thought it was great for refreshing memory on the play and it was fun at the same time.”
Sinead Keogh, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

‘It’s put a great perspective to approaching the Shakespeare Question in the Leaving Cert.”
Dylan Czgney, Leaving Cert Student, Shakespeare Schools Programme, Dublin

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have done over the past ten weeks. I never thought we would be in the situation we are in and I was really disappointed that we never got to perform our showcase. I really appreciate everything you have done. From the moment I walked through GSA’s doors, I instantly knew I would be happy here and I would have fun. The past ten weeks have been very eye-opening for me, I have regained the confidence in myself and my ability of singing and acting. When I wake up every Saturday morning I remember that I will jump on a bus into town to see my new friends and do the thing I love most – performing. The guidance and support from you and the people in my class have really made my experience so enjoyable and I can’t wait for isolation to be over and to be back singing, acting and dancing with everyone.‘ – Holly Walsh, Musical Theatre Workshop, April 2020

I have absolutely loved every day I spent in the black box with YTC. Clare created such an exciting and inspiring environment that I never once dreaded going to rehearsals. I learned something in every rehearsal and felt as though I was growing not only as an actor but as a person as well. I have learned so much from creativity, acting, directing to work ethic and I want to thank Clare for that. She was always able to pull out the best in all of us and created amazing pieces. I loved watching everyone’s performance in everything we did. Every week I would leave the black box in a better mood than I went in. It really was a form of escapism for me.’ – Anna Barnes, Youth Theatre Company 2019-2020

Saoirse is looking forward to this SO much. She’s really enjoyed the Saturday classes, and all the Easter and Summer Camps she’s done, and is very keen to build on what she’s learned and take the next step. We really owe a huge debt to the Gaiety staff for being so wonderful at every turn. Drama Workshop Malahide 2020

A very big thank you to all staff who made my daughter’s week long course at the Gaiety School of Acting an experience that will not be easily forgotten. From the moment we walked through the front door I’ve never met such happy, helpful people … Once again, thank you. Larry Duff, Parent of Musical Theatre Camp participant, Temple Bar Summer 2019 

Louis had such a great time and I know he will stay connected with the Gaiety through his life. Guy teachers are rare I know but he just loves the energy of male teachers.  I guess they are easy going and up for a bit of fun or devilment. I teach myself in a creative setting and I know how important it is to connect with boys – keep it light and interactive and have some fun along the way. He had just that, so thanks again. Parent of Young Gaiety Camp participant, Temple Bar Summer 2019 

THANKS A MILLION! A very excited boy watching his movie last night, he loved the camp and will be back in the summer for sure!! – Parent of Harry Potter Make-A-Movie Camp Participant

Just a quick note to say thanks a mil for a most enjoyable Culture Night. Myself, my husband and son, Jake, took part in the Escape Room and then Jake did the acting class at 6pm. Jake found the acting class really interesting with it’s content on character in particular. – Culture Night at GSA Participant

The course has reinforced my child’s development in term of confidence, humour and autonomy.
Drama Workshop Temple Bar 2016

Confidence Stimulated Enthusiastic. This is an excellent course
Drama Workshop Malahide 2016

Each year she spends in the Gaiety she grows in confidence & the belief that this is something she can pursue further – something she loves doing. Molly is very happy, so Mammy is very happy, well done. Musical Theatre Company 2016

She is mixing with different kids and is more confident
Performance Workshop Temple Bar 2016

My son has discovered a love of acting, he has become confident and has made many friends within his YG class. He puts himself forward in Public Speaking at school and has taken part in two amateur productions recently. He writes and engages with any organised event bringing him in contact with Writers and Rap Artists. In short he may have found ‘his thing’
Drama workshop Temple Bar 2016

My child is a changed child since she started attending the Gaiety workshops! She loves everything about it-it’s giving her confidence, she is making lots of friends and it is improving her acting skills.
Performance Workshop Temple Bar 2016

My child is now much more confident which is a great deal as we just moved from France and she was unsure about us settling in Dublin. We never saw her smile and laugh as much as she does when she leaves the acting class. It’s her happiest hour of the week.
Drama Workshop Temple Bar 2016

It has given her the confidence to write her own Monologues and has encouraged her to use her imagination and not to be afraid to perform in front of others. My Daughter can’t think of anything that can improve the Course, She just loves it and learns something new every week. Just a huge thank you for great teachers and venue at Temple Bar.
Young Performers Company, 2016

Great class, daughter loves it
Drama Workshop Malahide

Teaches Team skills, confidence building
Youth Theatre Workshop, Temple Bar 2016

She is more outgoing and looks forward to going to her class each week. I think each week they do different things and my daughter enjoys it. Wouldn’t change anything.
Parent & Toddler, Temple Bar 2016

My son thoroughly enjoyed the classes and talks a lot about topics covered during the term. It was a wonderful way for him to learn and was extra special for myself and his Dad to be involved.
Parent & Toddler, Temple Bar 2016

My daughter is thrilled from the class. She has so much fun. It really helped stimulate her creativity and she enjoys each class.
Parent & Toddler, Temple Bar 2016

It gives him confidence and a good feeling about himself
Young Gaiety Bray, 2016

‘I am currently in 11-13’s Performance Workshops on a Saturday morning. As well as learning loads and building up towards the showcase on the last class it’s good because unlike some drama schools, it’s not fully about having an early job or doing a proper show for the public, it’s about having fun and taking your acting career seriously is an option. I’ve done it for 6 years now and I love going to the Gaiety School of Acting on a Saturday morning!’
Ella O’Brien, 11-13’s Performance Workshop YG Student, June 2014

“Confidence building and development of social skills was the reason for joining the [Young Gaiety] group which has been a great success for Maya.”
Parent of Maya, Young Gaiety student, Temple Bar, December 2013

“We feel we see a difference in his confidence after 1 term! Thank you Orla.” Parent of Setanta, Young Gaiety student, Temple Bar, December 2013

”I want to thank you particularly for helping Eva to believe in herself. You have helped her enormously.”
Patricia Crosbie, parent of Young Gaiety student, Cork, December 2013

”Thanks very much for an excellent production this afternoon. It was so enjoyable […] for myself I can say that as well as the course being excellent value for money, Christine enjoyed every day very much.”
Grace Marron, parent of Youth Theatre Production student, Cork, July 2013

“I just wanna say, I absolutely adored my time in the Youth Theatre Company. The Gaiety School of Acting has helped build up my confidence loads. I made loads of new friends & met some lovely people too. I adored performing on stage in the end of term showcases with the Youth Theatre Company too.” Helen Delaney, Youth Theatre Company Cork, May 2013

”Just writing to say thank you for the (Young Gaiety) Masterclass, it really has boosted my confidence and I am eager to get back into the Gaiety into the Young Performers (Company). Thank you!”
Rema Dowd, Young Gaiety Masterclass, May 2013

“I love being in Claire’s classes – it feels like we’re actually working. I feel challenged and like I’m stretching myself.”
Ishthara Larkin, Young Gaiety Performance workshop, 2013

“Ishthara always comes out of Claire’s classes with a big grin on her face and her energy high. As a parent, I love that she is clearly being encouraged to reach her potential.”
Hazel Larkin, Journalist & Mother of Young Gaiety Student

“My daughter thoroughly enjoys her classes here and I’m very pleased with the school”
Parent of Young Gaiety Student Temple Bar

“Kids are really enjoying their time with the Gaiety and are interested in going forward for auditions as a result”
Parent of Young Gaiety Student Navan

“My child has really enjoyed the class and is very enthusiastic about going each week.”
Parent of Young Gaiety Student Navan

“Thanks our daughter loves this class”
Parent of Young Gaiety Student Malahide

“Have been very happy with child’s progress and eagerness to attend at all costs all staff very professional and caring at all times”
Parent of Young Gaiety Student Temple Bar

“Child really loves the classes and it has helped her self esteem to belong to the group. Having the same facilitator has been a good thing. She is a very nice caring person in her dealings with this age group”
Parent of Young Gaiety Student Bray

“This term has been a wonderful experience for both my daughters and I am very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of all the staff especially Catherine the tutor.”
Parent of Young Gaiety Student Bray

‘Catherine Byrne from the Bray school is a wonderful support to the children and a constant source of encouragement. She continually strives to instill and build the children’s confidence.The children come out from class with a smile on their face every week. She is a credit to the school’
Sheenagh McCarthy, Parent of Young Gaiety Student Bray

‘Just wanted to say a big thank you for a fantastic week of Musical Theatre Camp. My daughter enjoyed every second of it and came home each day buzzing with positivity and enthusiasm for the next day’s activities. Please pass on my thanks to her teacher, Ciara, who provided excellent tuition and ensured that it was a thoroughly enjoyable week for all’, Helen McGrath, Parent of Musical Theatre Camp participant, Temple Bar Summer 2014

‘The buzz of walking ‘on stage’ in front of your peers with work you had prepared, choices you had made and having strangers watch you potentially fail epically was a rush I hadn’t quite achieved through anything else up to that point in my life’ Aidan Turner (Actor & star of ‘The Hobbit’), Acting for Camera

‘I loved every moment of your class on Introduction to Drama. It is a shame we didn’t get to do the final showcase, however your lessons on character development and your direction on my monologue will stay with me forever. Your guidance allowed me to access the truth of the characters emotional reality and bring the environmental conditions to life. Having had a wonderful experience in your class, I am interested in pursuing actor training at the Gaiety School further and I intend to apply for the One Year Part Time Performance Year course.’ – Johnny O’Donnell, Introduction to Drama, March 2020

I had never attended any drama class of any description, and while I would not consider myself a particularly shy person, I turned up for the first class with a certain amount of trepidation. However, my apprehension was totally unfounded. Our teacher Gene Rooney put us all at ease from the very start. All her classes were so enjoyable, full of energy, and even though we were having fun, we learned so much at each class. We gelled so well as a group – this was down to the way Gene brought us together and helped us interact with each other right from the first night. At all times Gene commanded our utmost respect and this respect was reciprocated. It is testament to Gene that all who started the course, completed the course. We all just loved coming to class. In the past, when I have signed up for an evening class, I have often looked for excuses not to leave my nice warm house on the prescribed evening. Not so with the Introduction to Drama. I just loved coming to class every week, as I know, all the group did. I looked forward to Tuesday evenings, and discovering what Gene had in store for us. I always left her class feeling exhilarated and energised, and having learned something new about the world of drama. I always arrived home with a smile on my face. Each week, my family would ask  “ how was drama?” and the answer was always the same “FANTASTIC!!” Gene has been an inspiration to me and to the rest of the class. She has given me a truly awesome introduction to drama. She is a gifted teacher – proof of which is the number of us from her group that want to continue drama classes and have signed up to the Page to Stage course.’ – Margaret O’Sullivan, Introduction to Drama, January 2020

The class was brilliant, I loved it so much I’m back now for Page to Stage. Gene was an amazing teacher and frankly someone who made everyone very comfortable from day one. She was fun and has a great sense of humour. I think I speak for everyone who was in the class that it was very informative and Gene made it very easy for us to learn.’ Amanda Clarke, Introduction to Drama, January 2020

‘I just completed Introduction to Drama, and I just wanted to send on some feedback about my experience: It was an excellently run course filled with practical memory exercises (that are still useful to me in my work), lots of fun and memorable moments with a great bunch of people. Our teacher, Gene Rooney, was an incredible mentor and led us through many fun and practical scenarios. She was helpful, funny and really professional but more than that, she really took the time and dedication with each of us individually to bring the best out of us … and it was a pretty big class (24 students). I can’t say enough good things about her and she is the main reason I’ve decided to return to the school next year for the Page To Stage course. I know some of the other guys from the class are doing the same too.’ – Chris Stynes, Introduction to Drama, December 2019 

‘I finished the Introduction to Drama course last week and just wanted to let you know its honestly one of the best courses I have ever done. Our group is a wide range of different individuals but we all gelled together so well. So much so that about 15 of us have signed up for the next course in January (Page to Stage).  The main reason it was so enjoyable and we all got on together so well was because of our wonderful teacher Gene. From the first Tuesday evening class she was warm, funny, obviously very talented and an excellent teacher. This sounds like a little love letter but its all honestly true.. When performing our pieces on the ‘stage’ each week she ensured that everyone got equal time and attention to perfect their performance and she was always the one laughing the loudest in the room afterwards. Its no wonder all 24 starting in week 1 were there on the final night. She is an absolute credit to the school and I will miss our Tuesday evenings with her. Our next teacher has big boots to fill.’ – Leanne Sheil, Introduction to Drama, December 2019

‘I absolutely loved the Intro to Drama course. I miss my weekly installment of drama. A group of us from the class have decided to start up a drama group. It was such fun and I’ll definitely be back in October to do page to stage. I don’t have any constructive feedback, there is nothing to fault. It was well run, fun, educational and entertaining. I made friends and loved every second.’ – Bairbre Meade, Acting for Beginners, July 2019

‘I had no expectation or plan starting the Introduction to Drama but it has opened up a whole new world for me and exceeded everything I thought.  I enjoyed it so much that I have signed up for the next course in the Autumn! Gene, thank you so much for bringing so much fun, joy and compassion into the course. I loved every minute of it. Charlie, I loved your energy, you created a very safe and warm environment for us all to learn. I really enjoyed our time together.’ – Introduction to Drama Participant

‘I have just completed the Introduction to Drama course and wanted to compliment GSA on a wonderful experience due to our amazing teacher Gene Rooney. Every Tuesday Gene would fly through the doors with the biggest smiley face and enthusiasm coursing through every fibre of her being, infusing us with her joy of drama. She always encouraged us and made us believe in what we were doing. She transformed the room and all the people in it. Gene is an absolute asset to your company and I want to formally thank her for encouraging a love of the arts and introducing us all to each other as we have all made many new wonderful friends.’ – Introduction to Drama Participant

‘I enjoyed the course and thought Gemma was fantastic at making participants feel at ease with her acting acumen obvious to all in her demonstrations throughout the term. It was a great experience and my only regret is that I could not make it to all 10!’ – Confidence Edge 2 Participant

What an amazing experience from start to finish. I genuinely never looked forward to a Monday so much than I have in the last 10 weeks! Charlie is such a genuine, positive and uplifting person and definitely gave us some skills to take through life when dealing with public speaking. We were all joking saying it was like a therapy session and I will miss each and every one of the guys as we all wanted each other to do so well!’ – Orla Hyland, Confidence Edge, March 2018

‘I completed the Advanced Page to Stage course with Wes last night. Please pass on my thanks to Wes. He is a brilliant tutor – great advice, energy, enthusiasm, patience, direction etc …’ –  Advanced Page to Stage Participant 

‘I would just like to say thanks to you guys and particularly Sharon for the course. It was brilliant and Sharon prepared us to such a high standard. I couldn’t praise the whole experience more highly.’ – Stand-Up Comedy Participant

‘Just like to give you some feedback on the Introduction to Drama class I’ve just completed with Peter O’Byrne. I’ve long been fascinated with theatre and performance and was thrilled to receive the course as a birthday gift. The course lived up to and beyond my expectations. I’m hooked – yearning to learn more about the craft! Peter is a natural teacher, brimming with creativity and positivity. It’s infectious. He’s wonderfully insightful – knowing precisely how to encourage each of us to develop as performers. His generous spirit and keen sense of humour allowed all of us to feel at ease no matter how uncomfortable the exercise seemed at the outset. At the end of each class I was left craving more. The emphasis on fun and play, leaving life’s rules at the door, provided the perfect antidote to the malaise of modern life.Huge thanks to Peter and all at the Gaiety School for delivering a little bit of magic!’, Helen McGrath, Introduction to Drama, June 2016

‘I have just completed the introduction to Drama class. I did the class not knowing what to expect to be honest but the 10 weeks in total were so fantastic. I can honestly say I have never had so much fun in a class before and I know the other students in my class feel the same. Sometimes Its hard to be motivated to come to a class which starts right after work and I have to admit sometimes I was really tired but after 10 minutes of doing warm up activities, I forgot that I was exhausted and just wanted the class to last longer! I can really speak for all the students in the class when I say that It was one of the best classes that I have ever taken’ Lisa Byrne, Intro to Drama, March 2015

‘Gene Rooney is a phenomenal teacher/director. Each of her classes were brilliant, so fun, and entertaining. And while having a great time, I learned a lot. She created a safe, respectful and playful environment to experiment, to explore stepping out of my comfort zone, and lose my inhibitions and self-consciousness. Her classes were always well prepared and on form. Very quickly she built rapport with the group. The class was strongly recommended it to me by a friend. I work in an intense and stressful work environment. To my surprise, I found coming to class so therapeutic. The immersive class experience and the sense of playfulness offered an unexpected release of stress. It reminded me of how good it is to connect with my inner playful self. This class surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend it, and hope I can take another class with her in the future’ Finola Fitzsimons, Intro to Drama, March 2015

‘It was the best course I’ve ever done! Thank you for a wonderful week. It was a great experience for me. I was delighted with the group they were very nice to work with’ Liz Stalaban, Lessac Kinesensic Voice and Body with Robin Carr, 2015

‘Thank you for the wonderful workshop! It’s was an intense week but I enjoyed every moment of it and my brain and body are still getting to grips with all the new knowledge they received. I’m trying to be more and more aware of my body posture so that to readjust it to a more comfortable one when necessary. As for voice, I think it’s trickier for me to register slight changes but I’m working on it’ Marina Doronkina, Lessac kinesensic Voice and Body with Robin Carr, 2015

‘I just completed the Introduction to Drama course and cannot recommend it highly enough. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone considering attending. The energy and talent, communications skills and genuine warmth of the tutor, Gene, made every minute of the course so enjoyable’. Martin O’Reilly, Introduction to Drama, 2014

I have just finished the Intro to Drama course. I have had a blast these past ten weeks doing it. Working with Gene in particular was a fantastic experience, from week one she treated us as proper actors, there with a genuine interest & passion to learn, and made time for every single person in her critique and coaching, always honest but so encouraging and warm at the same time, as well as keeping things fun. She genuinely seems to have so much love for her craft, the school and her students. Thanks to you guys there at the school to, what you’re doing is fantastic, and I will be recommending the intro course to many, I gained so much from it, and I will definitely be continuing on into Page to Stage’ Sibéal Farrell, Introduction to Drama, 2014

‘Great course, gives good positive energy and a fundament of what acting means’.
Gianfranco Mellone, Intro to Drama, 2014

‘The course was excellent. It was full of fun and once you are willing to embrace new things and the odd bit of embarrassment! you’ll improve your confidence and interpersonal skills no end. Highly recommend it’.
Denis Twomey, Intro to Drama, 2014

“My first class was excellent. We were made welcome and the course objectives were explained to us. The teacher’s passion for what she was teaching us really came across and she was clearly happy to have us all there. I felt that I really wanted to partake in every exercise and the atmosphere was very pleasant.”
Student, Introduction to Drama

“I was slightly terrified at the thought of doing the course and didn’t really know what to expect. From the first minute of the first class I began to feel really at ease and within a few minutes of playing games I was thoroughly enjoying myself. By the end of the class I was really looking forward to the rest of the course.”
Student, Introduction to Drama

‘I really enjoyed my course. I thought the atmosphere, regardless of experience, was very inclusive and encouraging. Everyone got a chance to shine and everyone learned in a fun environment’
Dawn Larkin, Intro to Drama, 2014

‘My course was an incredible experience. From the teacher and the lessons, to my fellow students and the friendships I’ve made with them’.
Lianne Fitzpatrick, Intro to Drama, 2014

‘It was a very interesting, challenging, and fun course where I learnt and developed new skills and techniques and met a new and diverse group of friends’
Richelle Hogan, Page to Stage, 2014

“Keep on doing what you’re doing, you are very good at it!”
Student, Page to Stage

‘It was a very interesting, challenging, and fun course where I learnt and developed new skills and techniques and met a new and diverse group of friends’.
Richelle Hogan, Page to Stage, 2014

‘I really enjoyed Louise Kiely’s ‘Casting & Audition’ masterclass. She was really helpful and encouraging throughout the day as she recorded us one-by-one and gave each person excellent feedback on their mock audition…I think that everyone went away with positive feelings afterwards, certainly the five other people that I knew were full of praise for her’
Eithne Horgan, Casting & Audition Masterclass, November 2014.

‘It’s fantastic to be given the opportunity to meet with experts in the field to learn about the business first hand’.
Michael MacNamara, Casting & Audition Workshop, 2014

‘It was very interesting to meet two casting agents with contrasting views on a variety of issues. It really demonstrated there is no right or wrong answer in relation to some aspects of trying to be cast. You really have to do your own homework to see what casting agents like/don’t like’
Stephen Cowan, Casting and Audition Workshop, 2014

’The Stage Combat Workshop was brilliant. It exceeded my expectations.The tutor, Ciaran, made a tricky skill both easy and fun to learn. He managed to pack a lot of information and training into quite a short period. I wouldn’t hesitate to attend workshops run by him again. Thanks to The Gaiety School and the Granary for putting it on’,
Jonathan Lynch, Stage Combat Workshop, January 2015

‘Couldn’t recommend this course enough, gained so much from it and has built a great platform to start from, great mentor in Donal and loved every second of it. If your thinking of trying the course, go for it, you’ll never look back’.
Mark McCoy, Acting for Camera 1, 2014

‘I loved camera 1 so much that i went straight into camera 2 which i am on now and love it. I wish the courses were longer as I won’t know what to do when it finishes’.
Shane Dara, Acting for Camera 1, 2014

‘Voice Workshop was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed it. Helena is an excellent teacher who is very passionate about her subject matter. The day flew by and would have happily stayed on longer’.
Michael O’Dea, Voice Workshop, 2014

‘I loved the TV Presentation courses I did and found that I learned a lot more than I thought I would. Cant wait to do the next one!’
Kate Gleeson, TV Presentation, 2014

‘A very informative course with practical exercises. The friendly but professional atmosphere made one feel comfortable, even when asked to use the autocue for the first time and to write an own script’.
Petra Schoenweiss, TV Presentation, 2014

‘I attended the Studio session yesterday. I could not be more complimentary of the manner in which it was conducted. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Russell who was the consummate teacher. Patient, encouraging and supportive and a gentleman too. He really could not have been more helpful./ better. Darryl from Tinpot was equally excellent and equally supportive and there was a perfect working union between him and Russell. Really 10 out of 10.Thanks so much’. Ralph, The Studio Session, 2014

‘Donal, who does Acting for Camera and Comedy Improv is a fantastic teacher. He makes you feel comfortable and encourages you to try new things. Really inspires a love of acting’ Comedy Improv Student 2012

‘I recently completed the Introduction to drama course and I have to say it was one of the best experiences ever .
I would like to say a big thank you to our Tutor Gene .. she was top class . she gave everyone great confidence and created a wonderful positive atmosphere week in week out …I will definitely be back to do another course later in the year …Thanks again!’
Derek Tynan, Introduction to Drama, June 2013

”I just completed the Intro to Drama course with Niamh Walsh, and I wanted to say how much I loved Niamh’s class.
I know we had an unusually small numbers in our class but I have to say I enjoyed every bit of it! Niamh was so fun and really made the small numbers work, we all got time every week to perform our monologues as well as take part in improvs. I joined the class to gain confidence and push my own limits and Niamh helped me with this by encouraging me and teaching me techniques to help with nerves and through this I found that I really enjoy acting!I am really glad I had Niamh as my teacher and will definitely be coming back for more! Thanks to the Gaiety and a big special thanks to Niamh for all her work!”
Karen McCarthy, Introduction to Drama, Dec 2013

The bodywork exercises were highly challenging and valuable. Their purpose was not always apparent at the time, but there was always a “eureka” moment in subsequent classes.
Intro to Drama with Gene Rooney, 2016

The Experience of being directed by Tom was really useful and informative
Acting for Camera 2 with Tom Hall, 2016

Caroline’s skill and progression of the class was extremely admirable. after being out of practice for 4 years her class was the perfect option. The progression of the course was done in an extremely skillful way. Have highly recommended the course to all.
Introduction to Drama, Caroline Coffey, 2016

The variety in the pieces we were asked to perform AND the energy of the teacher, her energy was inspiring.
Introduction to Drama, Caroline Coffey, 2016

It really helped me to improve my confidence in terms of performing in front of others and believing I can do something if I put my mind to it.
Introduction to Drama, Gene Rooney, 2016

Dublin, Summer 2015:

‘Fantastic course with an excellent facilitator. Great practical ideas and fun.’

‘Fantastic course Seamus. Would do another of the courses again and would recommend it to my school.’

‘A truly wonderful week!’

‘Seamus is an extraordinary extremely talented informative and enthusiastic . Will have thoughts, ideas and skills for life. So happy I chose this course.’

‘Seamus was an excellent facilitator his welcoming, enthusiastic approach made it a thoroughly enjoyable and informative course.’

‘Excellent course. Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects. Thank you!’

‘Fantastic week…. Excellent tutor. Highly recommended.’

Cork, Summer 2015:

‘Excellent practical ideas for every age level.’

‘This was an excellent course and really well delivered. It should be a refresher course for all teachers. I got so many new ideas.’

‘This was a wonderful course, practical and relevant. Kate was a confident presenter and this now made me more confident wanting to use drama with my students.’

‘Excellent course! Very clearly and enthusiastically presented. Made me more confident to use more drama with my class. It was a very fun and active course!’

‘Excellent, excellent, excellent. So fun and varied-Great ideas to take back to school. Would do it all again!’

Summer 2014:

‘Excellent course-thank you, Seamus and the Gaiety School of Acting! Will definitely be back! The most enjoyable, practical, relevant and meaningful course I’ve done so far’.

‘Wonderful facilitator-great balance of practice and theory-all work was contextualized well. Great week-very enjoyable but also very informative’.

‘Great facilitator, lots of ideas and great at adapting to our needs. Super course-really practical and realistic. My class will really benefit from my new skills. Seamus is excellent facilitators’.

‘Excellent tutor-Seamus was very inclusive, knowledgeable he also took the students-ideas on board. An amazing week-lots of fun and activity’.

‘Fantastic Presentation and also Great group dynamic- great sharing of ideas. Seamus was an excellent facilitator. Excellent course. Seamus tailored the course to all our needs’.

‘Excellent course really well thought out and adapted for primary schools. Such an enjoyable course’.

‘You get great experience very hands on. Really good follow on form warm up’s to child’s underst5anding freeze frames to mime to dialogue’.

‘Very stimulating and informative . Kate-excellent presenter’.

‘I have really enjoyed this course –It has given me terrific ideas, practical info, as well as structures for dramatic process. It will be invaluable next following year in school’.

‘Excellent- really enjoyable and very useful for the classroom. Thank you’.

‘Very well presented course. Lots of useful information and techniques. Really enjoyed it’.

‘Kate was so enthusiastic and informative. She really made the course an enjoyable experience. Would highly recommend this course’.

‘Very useful tip/guidance. Kate –facilitator-breath of fresh air!’

‘Kate was so enthusiastic about drama. It was an excellent and enjoyable week’.

‘Brilliant course, really enjoyable and useful. I will definitely be bringing plenty of ideas back to the classroom. Facilitation was excellent : enthusiastic and knowledgeable. many thanks’.