Post Primary School

Post Primary Workshops

We have a range of Post Primary workshops that are especially tailored for young adults using drama as a means to express themselves. We can specifically tailor a workshop based on the needs and requirements of your students. For more information or to book please contact


Junior Cycle Workshops:

Intro to Drama

This workshop will introduce students to Drama as an art form, focusing on storytelling and interactivity within a safe space. This two hour workshop will focus on interpersonal skills, in particular listening and cooperation to develop students’ Dramatic  skills.


Creative Confidence Workshop 

A fun filled one hour drama workshop that encourages students to think and act imaginatively and spontaneously.  This is a playful, interactive introduction to drama making and drama games, that will bring the young person’s potential to the forefront, while instilling them with a greater confidence.

The emphasis is on the process rather than the outcome, allowing young people to play and explore in a supportive and inclusive environment.


Shakespeare Maker workshops

Featuring two distinct elements this half day workshop allows students to gain a deeper understanding of Shakespeare’s work

  • Speak like Shakespeare:

Focusing on  Key Scenes and Monologues allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of the text. The students will be introduced to techniques used by actors in the rehearsal room to understand characters and themes in more detail. 

  • Staging Shakespeare 

Student worksheets will be provided on Theatre Making and performance exploring the importance of Set Design, Position, Voice, Sound, Movement, Costume and Lighting.


All Ages

Skills workshop

Acting Skills, Musical Theatre, Acting for Camera are just a selection of some of the skills that GSA can work with your students to develop. From one off workshops to a series of workshops GSA can tailor a programme to suit you.


Shakespeare Schools Programme

Post Primary Programme at GSA

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