Post Primary School

Drama as an Education Tool in Post-Primary Schools

Our Post-Primary programme is ideal for the development of personal skills or the approach of social issues in Post-Primary education.  Our tutors are also skilled in developing workshops that act as support for the curricula in Drama and English for Junior Certificate, Transition Year and Leaving Certificate students. Inspire your students through drama to tackle some of the most challenging issues that young people face in Ireland today.

Our experienced theatre professionals deliver the specially tailored programs in an imaginative and safe environment, providing innovative, confidence building drama workshops at an affordable price.

What we offer:

  • Half day or full day workshops
  • 1-10 days workshop programming
  • Adjustment to work with any space or environment
  • Accommodate 8-30 students
  • Link with curriculum themes and current social issues
  • Taught by experienced drama tutors
  • Staff trained in the principles of best practice in child protection

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