Primary School

Download Primary School Programme 

Our Primary School Programme offers vital educational opportunities for your school.

All of our programmes support the primary school curriculum and our highly experienced facilitators will deliver these specifically tailored programmes in a creative, safe and fun learning environment.

Our workshops primarily focus on the following skills:

  • Critical thinking
  • Confidence
  • Curiosity
  • Teamwork
  • Communication

We have designed the following two programmes especially for Primary school students. 

However if you wish to tailor a specific bespoke programme for your school please do get in touch with


Our Workshops

Primary School Drama Workshops

Creative Confidence Workshop 

A fun filled one hour drama workshop that encourages students to think and act imaginatively and spontaneously.  This is a playful, interactive introduction to drama making and drama games, that will bring the young person’s potential to the forefront, while instilling them with a greater confidence.

The Creative Confidence workshop complements the curriculum by covering the following areas

  • Exploring and making drama
  • Cooperating and communication in making drama.

Emphasis on the process rather than the outcome, where young people can play and explore in a supportive and inclusive environment.


Intro to Drama

This workshop will introduce students to Drama as an art form, focusing on storytelling and interactivity within a safe space.

This two hour workshop will focus on interpersonal skills, in particular listening and cooperation to develop students’ Dramatic  skills.

It links to the Primary school curriculum strands below

  • Exploring and making drama
  • Reflecting on drama
  • Cooperating and communication in making drama.

This is a fun introduction to drama skills and techniques


CPD courses for teachers

Teacher Training Session:

We have developed a two hour workshop to help teachers develop confidence in their own abilities, to showcase simple strategies and games that work to complement the curriculum and to take the fear out of teaching drama.

To book any of these workshops or for more information please contact