Erasmus Plus Funded Project Story2Remember

Using Drama and Storytelling in Dementia Care

Story2Remember proposes an innovative methodology based on creative drama and storytelling, for creating a training program to be used by health and social care professionals in care settings, with persons with Alzheimer disease. It proposes a Toolkit for improving communication between family carers and persons with Alzheimer disease, using role plays and storytelling and a public policy document for creating dementia friendly communities and institutions.

Co-funded under Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, this programme will be piloted in 4 European countries: Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, and United Kingdom. This project will be under the partnership of the Romanian Alzheimer Society, Habilitas – Center for Resources and Professional Training, Gaiety School of Acting – The National Theatre School of Ireland, Alzheimer Bulgaria Association, Alzheimer Hellas – The Greek Association of Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders, and Bournemouth University.

Project Outputs:

The main results of this project are the educational program and methodology that will be developed by the partnership:

Booklet – “Life in a story: Creative arts and storytelling use for Alzheimer Disease patients’ and carers’ support in UK, Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria”

Training programme – using theatre and storytelling, targeting health and social care professionals for a better support for older people with Alzheimer DiseaseA

Toolkit for family carers – Improving communication between family carers and persons diagnosed with dementia, through role-play and storytelling

Policy recommendation for creating dementia-friendly communities/institutions in terms of raising awareness and integrating tools as creative arts in the care of persons with AD

Training Programme Handbook

Discover the Training Handbook for the Story2Remember programme, an education programme based on creative drama and storytelling, designed to provide new learning opportunities in the field of caring for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Click here to download this Handbook.

Developed by the Gaiety School of Acting, in coordination with the Erasmus+ partners, the Story2Remember handbook is aimed at people with dementia, health and social care professionals and care providers. In tandem with the project’s Booklet “Creative drama and storytelling in dementia care: Information for practitioners”, this handbook is designed to equip health and social care professionals with all the necessary information, skills and materials to guide the delivery of the Story2Remember programme in care settings.

For more information, visit the Story 2 Remember website here. You can also download the project’s information leaflet here.