Looking for actors, playing age 18-22

Friday, August 11th, 2023 at 12:25 pm | Uncategorized

We are looking for artists based in Ireland that could potentially be right for the roles below. Artists would need to be able to do either a UK Yorkshire accent or a general Northern UK accent.
Please also note that we will require 1+2 Options for the roles listed below. This is non-negotiable.
Hope to hear from you!
The Hardacres Series Dates:
6th November 2023 to 18th February 2024 (Christmas / New Years Hiatus from 18th December 2023 to 7th January 2024).
The series is filming in Dublin, Ireland but set in Northern England.
The Hardacres is a 6 x 1 Hour TV series for Channel 5, produced by Playground Entertainment. Producer Alex Jones, Director TBC, Casting Director Beverley Keogh & Casting Associate Sheraz Ahmed.
Set in Staithes, Yorkshire, 1891, The Hardacres is a rags to riches family saga that follows the lives, loves and fortunes of the Hardacre family – from stinking fish docks to sprawling country estate. It’s about family and community. Fitting in and standing out. The British obsession with class. And staying true to you and yours in a world that doesn’t always share your values. A gutsy, ensemble, family show full of heart, The Hardacres places an ordinary family in an extraordinary position and explores some age old questions – can money buy true happiness? Can we ever really change? Is “bettering oneself” always actually…. better?
Joe Hardacre
Age: 19 – 22
Bio: Brooding, self centred, irresponsible and much less confident than he appears, Joe is the Hardacre least comfortable in his own skin. The eldest of the Hardacre brood, Joe always believed he deserved better than a lifetime spent working on the docks like his Dad. Joe has grown angry and frustrated by his limited horizons. Even though Joe has his whole life ahead of him, he’s kind of given up – he doesn’t apply himself to anything because he doesn’t see the point. And because, deep down, he doesn’t think he is any good at anything. Joe constantly compares himself to his popular, man of the people father and clever younger brother – and those feelings of inadequacy have hardened into a knot of resentment about his lot in life.
So when the Hardacres hit the jackpot, Joe has no reservations whatsoever about shaking the fishguts off his boots and leaving his old life behind. A rich country gentleman? That’s the life he was born to lead!
Liza Hardacre
Age: 18 – 20
Bio: Liza is the rebellious and misunderstood middle child. A fiery tomboy and Ma’s (her grandmother) partner in the smuggling racket, Liza craves a life of action and purpose. So it’s no wonder she is appalled by the idea that she will “be a lady”. But Liza’s bolshiness is an armour – beneath the veneer is a young woman trying to figure out who she is and where she fits. And looking around at her new world and the likes of Lady Adella Fitzherbert, Liza sees a world she cannot succeed in. A prison of boredom, emptiness and humiliation. She feels stupid in a gown and despises the idea that any of her value lies in her desirability to a suitable man.