Lessac Kinesensic


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Lessac Kinesensic

With Robin Aronson, M.F.A

Professor of Voice and Acting
President, The Lessac Institute

This five day workshop is specifically designed for those interested in experiencing stronger, more resonant vocal quality with ease, in conjunction with creating more physical flexibility, strength and expressive body movement. Lessac Kinesensic Training is unique in its holistic, comprehensive and creative approach to all aspects of developing the body and the voice, for speech and singing and as creative instruments of communication, behavior and perception.

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Benefits & Learnings
Posture and breathing
Body energy and flexibility
Vocal variety and contrast
Control of projection for stage, microphone, and personal use in intimate, social, or formal situations
DAY: Mon-Fri, February 18th-22nd
TIME: 10am-4pm
FEE: €375