Short Film Casting

Monday, September 28th, 2020 at 11:57 am | Castings and Jobs, News & Events

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Casting for supporting roles for a short film shooting in Dublin City Centre in October.

The film follows a young girl who’s main source of income comes from webcamming, something she finds passion and success in – and how that affects the relationships around her. Our aim is to shine some positive light on woman within the sex work industry and highlight the unfair societal judgements they face daily. 

Currently casting for three speaking roles; a mother, a young man and a male gardai. 

Shooting schedule has not yet been finalised but each role would only require a few hours of filming on one of the days. Due to current restrictions, we are only accepting self audition tapes instead of face-to-face auditions.


MOTHER (late 40s – late 50s) is the mother to the lead character Maya. She is a conservative, religious, middle class woman. Both she and her daughter Maya have fallen out and the scene would include a clipped conversation between mother and daughter. 

YOUNG MAN (20s – early 30s) is a colleague of Ben, Maya’s boyfriend. He works with Ben in a bank and meets Maya when she comes by the office looking for Ben. 

MALE GARDAI (open age). Maya enters the Garda station to file a complaint about abuse she is experiencing online. She is met with an unhelpful garda who dismisses her. 


This short is currently a zero budget short but we will be paying any expenses and will provide refreshments / lunch depending on the time of the shoot.