4 queer woman (ages 18-20) to act as two couples in an upcoming short film

Thursday, January 4th, 2024 at 11:53 am | Castings and Jobs

I am looking for 4 queer woman (ages 18-20) to act as two couples in an upcoming short film. 

Also anyone interested in playing extras would be greatly appreciated. 

This casting call is for a 3-minute short film based around a queer girl named Cara.

The rolls I am looking for are:

Cara: the main character 

Indigo: her ex-partner 

Wren and Camille: A lesbian couple who take Cara under their wing.


Cara is a quiet and reserved girl struggling to accept herself as a lesbian. We follow her in her day-to-day life, often getting flashes of her past relationship when she’s reminded of it. She finds herself at a bar where she sees another proudly gay couple. They take her under their wing and inspire her to learn to accept herself overtime and reunites with her past partner. Relationships are shown in this film by the use of the ‘red string of fate’ which ties two soulmates together.  

It will be unpaid as it is a student production, but travel and food will be paid for. 

It will be filmed in the Celbridge area in February 2024 (exact dates TBD). It could possibly be entered into Film Festivals and is a great opportunity for aspiring young actors.

Please email be at 23miafarrell@BCFE.ie if interested .