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Title: In Good Company

The pilot episode of In Good Company set in 2007 follows Niamh, who moves in with her sister Caoimhe. But what Niamh doesn’t know is that her sister’s boyfriend, Rory, is living there. Niamh is unimpressed and ultimately decides to break them up, dragging the repairman, James, into the family drama

This will be a multi-cam sitcom. With shooting taking approx 2 days with 1-2 days of rehearsal in March.

Character bios:

Niamh (Mid 20s, Caucasian):
Teen dynamo Niamh, determined to save her sister from a questionable relationship, is a one-woman intervention armed with sass and an unconventional plan. She dives into chaos, armed with determination and mischief. Niamh, a perpetual agent of change, manages lives for relaxation, offering witty advice and a caffeinated whirlwind of existence.

Caoimhe: (Late 20s, Caucasian)
Dublin-based chaos manager Caoimhe, in her late 20s, navigates the chaos between Rory’s adventures and Niamh’s exuberance. The unsung hero mediating family drama, Caoimhe maintains order with warmth and care. Despite her calm exterior, she voluntarily invites Niamh’s unpredictability into her life, facing dilemmas like unexpected plot twists. Balancing love life and family dynamics, Caoimhe seeks stability and happiness, determined to maintain order amid life’s twists.

Rory: (Mid 20s – 30s)
Comedic charm defines Rory, whose ambition and questionable life choices create a unique blend of genius and absurdity. Grand ideas like bubble wrap-popping therapy showcase his imaginative spirit, hovering between genius and whimsy. Despite supposed love for Caoimhe, Rory’s actions suggest unconventional interests, making mundane situations humorous. His self-confidence defies reason.

James: (Mid 20s – 30s)
Unassuming but indispensable, James is the reliable repairman with a sixth sense for appearing when needed. His youthful appearance and practical work attire hide a humble determination to improve skills, hinting at deeper ambitions. James, more than a repairman, becomes a catalyst for change in family dynamics, subtly stirring emotions and decisions. His unassuming presence adds intrigue and unpredictability to the narrative, making him more than a man with a toolbox.

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