Actors needed 20s-50s – Short Film

Wednesday, March 15th, 2023 at 4:28 pm | Castings and Jobs


**Micro Budget Short Film Production: Expenses covered and food provided**
Shankar, an Indian immigrant living in Dublin, struggles to reconcile the conflicting values
placed on people of different cultures. He plans to turn an Irish cow, Maya, into a goddess in

Four days between May 1st-13th 2023

Mr Roddy, 50s – Business owner and beef farmer, Shankar’s boss.
Ali, 30s – Shankar’s colleague, working in Mr Roddy’s warehouse. An immigrant.
Dermott, 20s-30s – Shankar’s colleague, working in Mr Roddy’s warehouse. A gregarious
Mrs Roddy, 50s – Mr Roddy’s wife.
Savitri, 20s-30s – An Indian medical student and friend of Shankar’s.
Man, 40s-50s – A big bully who has been drinking all night.
Aoife, 20s-30s – A radio DJ who interviews Shankar about his plan for Maya the cow.
Adam, 30s – A man who arrives at Shankar’s place to drive away with Maya.

Children and neighbours of all ages required, around eight in total. Also some people
walking on the street and in the café, probably another eight adults.

BEEF is funded by the Actor as Creator Scheme, with Ankur Vikal playing the lead role of

Written by Ankur Vikal, Produced by John Breslin.
Please send up-to-date headshots, reels, IMDb links and relevant samples to, with BEEF CAST in your subject line.

Ruhi Films, 2023.