Actors needed for student film

Monday, January 15th, 2024 at 12:38 pm | Castings and Jobs

My name is Mila, and I am a student of Ballyfermot College of Further Education, Cinematography Course.
I am currently working on an experimental 3-minute film titled “Parallel.” I am reaching out to inquire about the availability of actors from your school for this project.
I am in need of 5 actors for the film, specifically looking for 3 male actors and 2 female actors. The shoot is scheduled for January 26th at the Ballyfermot College premises. The project aims to explore symbolic storytelling elements, and I believe your talented actors would be a great fit for the roles.
One peaceful day of a small girl vs a day of a ruthless world, should she face it?/ Should she face the world?
The impersonal dimension includes emotionless nameless whitened faces and figures, as objects without individuality, represented only by numbers in news. This part is B&W hard and cold light, harsh shadows, sharp lines, dark costumes, defined acting and sharp movements in the pantomime style.
Some details I think can be also essential to mention: the film is without dialogue, the faces of actors may be whitened with powder on set, in one shot actors have to lay on the floor, I need actors of average hight, as one shot is a row of faces.