Actors needed for theatre piece in the Pearse Centre

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 at 9:36 pm | Castings and Jobs

Looking for creative, brave and dedicated actors/actresses!
A short original 15 minute theatre piece to perform on the 9th of July in the Pearse Centre.
This will be part of a theatre showcase called “The Nodrama Shindig”
PLOT: A clutter of cultured alien critics review the human race as an art piece. Their review
isn’t pretty. Part satire of critic culture. Part philosophical. Part parody of 1950’s B movies.
A successful actor/actress will receive a few perks, such as:
– One month of No Drama Theatre Company membership, where one can attend a number
of drama classes within that month of membership.
– A negotiable exchange of service in helping the actor/actress’ acting career e.g. Help
with creating, filming or editing a video showreel for the actor/actress.
Nonetheless the role would be unpaid.
Actors must –
– Be based in the Dublin region.
– Be fluent english speakers.
– Supply headshot.
If you have any video links or show reels, it would be highly beneficial to send them along with
your email. If you would like us to know of any previous experience. Do send on a CV as well.
It would be preferable that the actor is familiar with the differences between acting for theatre
and camera. We wish to turn this piece into a short film or web series somewhere down the line.
So it would be nice to use the same actors if that happens to be the case.
Lord Kantazoon the III
Gender: Either
Age: 21 – 70
Notes: Critic host. Part Cyborg with a spout of tourettes syndrome.
Gender: Either
Age: 21 – 70
Notes: A smug deputy critic that does his/her best to flaunt their knowledge in every possible
Dr. Pogglepon
Gender: Either
Age: 21 – 60
Notes: A physical role. Speaks through animalistic growls. Moves about like a paranoid
God of Critics
Gender: Male
Age: 21 -70
Notes: It would be preferable if the actor could do a Roger Ebert impression. But not
We are looking to start rehearsals in the third week of June. So please do apply asap.
How to apply
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