Actress of Middle Eastern descent (20s) needed for proof of concept for feature film

Monday, August 29th, 2022 at 12:48 pm | Uncategorized

Contact: Yasmin –
Headshot, CV and showreel.

“AWAKE” is a quirky and comedic coming of age drama, written
for those in their 20’s who are still finding out where they
belong in the world.

€80 day rate + expenses (day rate will increase when funding is secure for the feature film)

“Awake” is a coming of age story for those who, like most of us, should be “of
age”, but are still figuring out the ways of the world. This ambitious film is
based on Von Banke’s debut album “Awake”, which focuses on the theme of finding
where you belong in the world, finding “home”.
23 year old Willow spontaneously moves to Dublin to kickstart her life, where she
pursues her music career, as she struggles with trials and tribulations of life,
and the harsh rejection of the music industry. Willow gets a job to pay the bills
in a small second hand store, managed by Amara, who becomes Willow’s best friend
and acts as her mentor and guide through this new chapter of her life. Willow later
falls for her writing partner, Stephen, after he asks her to write and play piano
for his upcoming album.
When Willow’s new life starts presenting more and more issues, she is faced with
the daunting task of not running away again, and facing her fears. Willow’s
character arc is one of learning to take control and responsibility of life, and
facing its many challenges.

Amara grows to be Willow’s best friend as she employs her
in a local second hand store, and helps her to build her
new life in Dublin. Amara is of Middle Eastern descent and
in her late 20’s. She is witty, cynical, a little stubborn
and has trouble opening up emotionally.
Playing age: 20-27