Alumnus of the Month – Charlie Murphy

Thursday, February 28th, 2013 at 5:38 pm | Alumni Interviews, News & Events

Charlie graduated from the 2 Year Full Time Actor Training Course at the Gaiety School of Acting in 2008. She recently won an IFTA for ‘Best Actress’ for her role as Siobhan in the TV series, LOVE/HATE. In 2012, she won ‘Best Actress’ at the Irish Times Theatre Awards for her portrayal of Eliza Doolittle in ‘Pygmalion’. Charlie’s debut performance at the Abbey Theatre was hailed as a ‘ knock-out, layered performance’ by the critics. Her latest project The Village, a BBC period drama is due to air on BBC1 Easter Sunday 2013.


Did you always want to work in the theatre/acting business?

Yes, I thank my lucky stars I grew up across the street from a theatre in Wexford, I saw plays come and go from an early age.

How did you start off in the business?

My first play after graduating was ‘This is Our Youth’ with Bedrock and it kicked off there.

Any tips for aspiring actors?

Prep for auditions, know you’re always learning. It can be lonely at times, don’t lock yourself away, get out and see what’s going on by supporting other actors…

What did you like most about being at the GSA?

Working with a great mix of people who wanted the same thing and being able to try everything without being laughed at – (most of the time!)

Favourite Actor?

Toni Colette

Favourite writer?

Sarah Kane, Enda Walsh

Favourite play?

4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane

Who has been the most influential person in your life so far?

There have been a few,  Tony & Monika McCleane-Fay from Barecheek Theatre company. I met them in my teens and worked with them on a few plays and devised new work too. Looking back I realise what a pivotal moment that was and how it has shaped me today.

And of course my folks and siblings.

Earliest memory?

Running down an orange coloured slope in a toy shop in Australia after buying Teddy Ruxpen.

What would be your idea of a perfect day?

Hmmm, there are lots of different perfect days for different moods. Right now it would be having a day off and spending it with my boyfriend, sunny day, having brunch and reading a good book- simple bliss. 

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