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Wednesday, February 16th, 2022 at 6:49 pm | Castings and Jobs, News & Events

A LITTLE COMPANY (Working Title) 

A feature film project shooting in April 2022 

Inspired by live theatre, this comedy drama will be shot over four full days (April 25-28th) in Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin. Rehearsals will take place in April (evenings and weekends at times suited to the cast). The production is currently looking for actors with playing ages of 23 – 27 for two PAID co-lead roles: 

Sarah and Sam have been friends ever since she lassoed him into the drama society during his second Freshers Week. Now a couple of years out of college, they’re rehearsing their latest festival production as a duo after a long and unplanned break. 

SARAH: 24, she/her (straight), Irish 

Quietly confident most of the time (her words) and with a dry sense of humour, Sarah has never met a problem she can’t solve or a person she couldn’t help – or at least try to (even if she wasn’t asked). 

SAM: 25, he/him (gay), Irish 

Funny and very creative but hysterically disorganised (in a charming way, he thinks), Sam judges anyone who takes star signs seriously whilst secretly believing every single thing his Leo horoscope tells him. 

To allow for the production schedule, scenes will be shot in consecutive ‘acts’ on stage with fixed cameras and minimal setups so some stage experience is desirable. The actors will also receive travel expenses if applicable and have access to footage during post-production for use in showreels. 

If you are interested in either role please fill in the audition form linked below – including a filmed audition piece of your choice – by March 3rd. The production is looking for actors with a strong sense of comic timing who are comfortable with both naturalistic and theatrical acting styles. You can upload an audition piece (e.g monologue) or footage of a previous performance if it is suited to the role. Every applicant will receive a response shortly after the submission date.

*The production also welcomes enquiries from anyone interested in joining the small crew (no on-set film experience required); they are asked to please fill in the crew form below.

Audition Form:

Crew Form:

Informal queries can be also sent to at any time.


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