Female – playing age 14-16 (must be over 18)

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On the remote island of Inishbofin, Luka’s struggles in preventing his teenage daughter from moving to the mainland is abetted by the island itself.


Luka lives with his teenage daughter on a remote Island off the coast of Ireland. A number of years ago his wife left them and he has struggled to deal with her absence ever since. He struggles with parasomnia and night terrors, waking up in situations and places he can’t explain. His last painting was of his wife and he has failed to paint ever since, making ends meet teaching in the local heritage centre. Every time he looks at the painting of his wife she appears different, almost as if she is alive on the other side of the painting.

He does his best to shield his daughter, Amber, from his issues but when she professes to want to move to the mainland on a permanent basis for school, Luka’s fears of abandonment reach fever pitch. He continues to dream of a giant white bull that acts as a guardian to the Otherworld and, like Luka, wants no one to leave the island. Luka’s damaged mental state leads to both waking nightmares and lucid dreams about the fate of his wife and his daughter’s future.

Things come to a head when Amber finds her father sleepwalking in the lake nearby. She struggles to try to save him as both are pulled under the surface. Luka wakes to find himself back at home but alone in an empty fog-shrouded world. He has no idea what happened to his family until he finds his old painting which shows his wife and daughter together in the real world while he finds himself trapped in the Otherworld.

AMBER | Female – playing age 14-16 (must be over 18)

13 scenes

Born on the island, and a full-time resident until starting secondary school 2 years ago, Amber is weary of the weekly commute back and forth. The older she gets, the more she craves social connection with people her own age, something the island can scarcely provide. She has spent the summer procrastinating about telling her dad about her plan. Naturally, she worries about her dad’s emotional state, given the symmetry with her mother disappearing from Inishbofin without explanation 3 years prior.  She is suspicious of her father’s strange behaviour and worries that he is hiding something from her. In spite of her sometimes short temper, Amber has a good head on her shoulders and a lot of love for her dad.

Project Details
Written by Ivan Cush

Directed by Brian Deane 

Produced by Grainne Wood 

Daily rate is €150 ex VAT.

Half rate payable for rehearsal (including hair & make-up test/costume fittings same day).

Filming will take place in Wicklow during the first 2 weeks of December, dates TBC.


Applications to tworaccoonscasting@gmail.com