French New Wave Student Film

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Mid 20s. Female. Initially appearing as a melancholy, moody caricature of the French new wave, Amélie becomes subject to the ever-changing and confusing world around her. She is quick to pick up on these changes and takes no nonsense from anyone-she is intelligent, confrontational, a tad bit paranoid, and determined to set things right.


Mid 20s. Male. Jean is the stereotypical French protagonist, philosophical yet somewhat shallow with his view of the world. However, like Amélie, he is much more layered-he is loyal yet naive, slower to notice the changes in the world but adamantly supportive of Amélie and her ambitions. He also loves philosophy and will quote it at any chance he gets, bordering on annoying yet oddly insightful.


Late 30s-Early 40s. Male. Wanting to make the latest cinematic masterpiece, the Director is selfish, rude and demanding towards his crew. He thinks that he has control over the world he has created, but is in fact weak and pathetic. Ultimately, his bark is worse than his bite, and he runs at the first sign of confrontation.


Mid 30s. Male. Filled with nervous energy, the Writer cowers in the shadow of the Director. Despite his terrible script, however, he is a much more sympathetic character and clearly just wants to make a decent living. He doesn’t protest at Amélie taking control of her own story.

For more details:
The film will be shot in the first week of April (2, 3 or 4 April): 1 or 2 shooting days.
Although it is unpaid, we offer… mails, transportation, photos of the shooting day and a copy of the short film.