Make a Movie. Lights! Camera!…….and Action!

Thursday, February 28th, 2013 at 2:32 pm | News & Events

Looking for something a little more theatrical for ‘team building’ or just interested in having a fun day out with your social committee? We have a creative experience on offer that cannot be matched. We will supply the costumes, the makeup and the technology. You just give us the cast and we will spend a full day working with you on story boarding writing, rehearsing and shooting a movie with your team as the stars! This short movie can then be used to promote your company or simply to show your colleagues back in the office your fun side!

There are a range of teams that can be explored. Some examples are:
A. Murder Mystery – Someone in the office has committed a heinous crime…the team must explore..
B. Create an Advert – Devise a three minute TV advert that will show your company in a new and innovative way.
C. Documentary – A day in the life of our company

Through this fun workshop your staff will learn to improve performance and delivery skills and use these skills for conflict resolution and team building.


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