Man and Woman in their 30s

Thursday, March 21st, 2024 at 4:25 pm | Castings and Jobs, Uncategorized

Travel expenses covered; food/drink provided. Fees will be paid, with a rate to be
settled on correlating to the film’s final budget.

CV headshot and also email above for script

“Two unhappy young people meet by chance and spend a night together, before  reality bites. It can’t really end like this, can it?” 

Sex Comedy is a rom-com with a little bit of edge, taking a look at the perils and  pitfalls of living in Modern Ireland as a young person. All the despair, all the  desire, and all the incompatibility it entails. It’s Brief Encounter and Before Sunrise meet Do The Right Thing, with a sprinkling of All That Jazz.

We are happy to invite any interested parties to forward a self-tape of the  attached script excerpt to the email address provided, performing one of the two  lead roles described below. We will then compile a shortlist from these  submissions for in-person callbacks in late March and early April. 

We will be shooting the film across four days in mid-to-late April, with our specific  dates to be locked down once ongoing talks with location owners are completed.  

If you have any questions or queries about the production, please feel free to  contact us at the provided email. 

STEVEN (20s)  

An extra in his own story. Frustrated with his job, his country, his whole life.  Steven is anger masquerading as apathy, a vessel on autopilot with  occasional flashes of humanity, and yet… there is still a flicker of a flame  somewhere inside. A chance meeting with a stranger compels him to break  his cycle.  

RÓISÍN (20s)  

Going through the motions, drudging through life, Róisín persists. She makes  the effort but struggles to connect. Present for the function but absent for the  drinks after. Older than she ever thought she’d be, deeply unhappy, and yet…  in moments there are glances of more, whisperings. A chance meeting with a  stranger compels her to break her cycle.