Online Summer Course for Primary School Teachers

Intercultural Education in Primary Schools

This course is run in accordance with the Department of Education and Skills criteria and is approved for EPV days

The Gaiety School of Acting is running a summer course on intercultural education for teachers. This is a comprehensive course which aims to meet the intercultural education needs of (second to sixth class) teachers and pupils in primary schools. This course follows the Grow from Seeds programme, which is designed to foster intercultural dialogue in primary schools. Grow from Seeds aims to address anti-social behaviour through social cohesion and inclusion, active citizenship, and the empowerment and participation of pupils. The project also supports the Guidelines of Intercultural Education in Primary Schools and the Yellow Flag Programme. The objectives are in line with and complement both the Drama and SPHE curriculum. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to use Grow from Seeds as a creative tool to explore feelings, knowledge and Intercultural Education for Primary Schoolsideas, leading to an understanding of intercultural education
  • Explore the benefits of Grow from Seeds as a cross-curricular teaching tool, in particular, its use within the context of the SPHE curriculum (Myself and the wider world) and strand unit “ Developing Citizenship”
  • Learn how Grow from Seeds can involve the wider community in an intercultural approach
  • Acquire a broad range of creative strategies and techniques for use in the classroom
  • Learn how to use creative arts and performing arts with their students to develop practical and precise interventions, gaining particular expertise with how to handle the theme of social inclusion
  • Be able to use acquired knowledge towards the development of aspects of the individual, including creative, emotional, moral, aesthetic and social behaviours
  • Engage in collaborative and reflective practice
  • Become familiar with the six-step-process and evaluation themes outlined in School Self-Evaluation, Guidelines for Primary Schools (2012), and with the overall content of that document
  • Reflect on how they can self-evaluate in relation to the teaching and learning of Grow from Seeds in their classrooms with particular reference to the above


  • SPHE 
  • Drama

Summer Course Feedback 2019:

“One of the best summer courses I have attended in a long time.”

“Loved the ease with which the facilitator shared the activities – in a knowledgeable, fun but focused manner. So much fit into the 5 days, which will be great to introduce to the class.”

“It was practical and easy to follow, while giving clear information on the essential learning goals. We learned activities which any child can be part of, promoting inclusivity and kindness.”

“I think it is one of the best qualities we teach and should be in the classroom.”

Course Details:

Dates: 17th – 21st August 2020

Location: Online (Zoom) 

Time:  20 hours 

Cost: €70 

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For further information on Grow from Seeds, see here