If creativity is a way forward then, The Gaiety School of Acting -The National Theatre School of Ireland, can lead the way in inspiring a community to share in a series of creative solutions that empower engage and encourage individuals to take a pro active role in their destiny by partnering on a series of practical and creative initiatives. The cross community impact of what we outline could be extraordinary.

With 30 years of drama training experience working on Confidence & Creativity, our theatre professionals deliver specially tailored programmes that perfectly fit your needs. If your community is interested in a workshop focusing on job interviews, drama, storytelling, building confidence or youth theatre, then contact us and we will help you to write an application.

Designed according to the vision and context of your organisation, our affordable workshops will help your community develop through Drama, the most interactive, effective and relevant tool. Our successful experiences with SBHI, Wicklow Travellers, Ringsend BADRA, COPE, Midway Services & Rehabilitation Centres and Youthreach programmes across Ireland, are testimony of the excellence and flexibility of our work. Check out our testimonials online here.


Erasmus Plus Programme

S.T.Age – Socio-drama, Tackling Ageism, preventing abuseThe Gaiety School of Acting, The National Theatre School of Ireland (Outreach Department) and Age Action Ireland are delighted to announce Socio-drama Tackling Ageism and Preventing abuse, a new two-year partnership project that runs from 2015 to…

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Create A Play or Documentary

Telling a story throughout the community, emphasises the importance of storytelling as a method of transmitting culture. The program in Storytelling is designed for persons with an interest in the techniques, theories…

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Creative Drama

Creative DramaDo you feel that there’s a more creative you waiting to revealed? This six-week course seeks to unlock that creativity. Through the practical approach of drama, art and writing exercises, the course builds confidence in…

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Job Creation & Interview Workshops

An in depth intensive day time 30 week programme designed to locate ways in which micro business ideas can be developed, nurtured and brought forward to a point where funding is sought. This programme includes learning the critical…

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Confidence, Communication And Creativity

A 10 week programme designed to build and nurture the confidence of all participants. Give yourself an edge!! Others react to us largely based on how we perceive ourselves. Self-confidence gives us the ability to have positive…

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