Parents (40 -45 years old) Wanted for an EdTech startup!

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Production Type: 

Production Dates:

I’d like to get this shot in early August!

It will only take 1 hour of your time!

Production Details:

I will shoot the video myself. It will feel natural, just boil the kettle and talk over a cup of tea. I will give you the script of what to say.

The video will be no longer than 1 minute long. We will also do some photo’s along with myself.

If you have kids, it would be super to get them watching our recorded classes and included on the video.

Submission Deadline:


At the actors/actress home or at an agreed location (I’m cork based)

TJ hegarty (Me! The CEO of Breakthrough Maths)

TJ hegarty (Me! The CEO of Breakthrough Maths)

Breakthrough Maths

Hello Everyone at Fishpond!

We are looking for parents who will do testimonial videos for Breakthrough Maths.
Who we are
We run an online school and we are changing Maths. Not only that, but we are brining a ‘buzz’ to our online classes. We teach students (From 10 years old to 18 years old) online. We use testing in our classes alongside a word class, highly energetic teacher. We track every student’s results and we bring the energy to our classes.

What we need
Parents trust parents – so we need to garner some more testimonial style videos here. Talking about Breakthrough Maths and its benefits. You must feel natural on camera, it won’t look staged!

We prefer applicants who have kids
We prefer applicants who’d feel comfortable having their kids on possible B-roll (Of the kids watching a class, and the parent standing over them!)

Check out our YouTube channel for the types of videos we have done before:


The videos will be used across social media and on our website.

It’s 1 hour work – I will write the script, I will shoot the video, you just boil the kettle and talk to us, naturally, about Breakthrough Maths.

€400 is our budget for this work. No travel needed, I will call to the house and shoot the video!

We will also add in some free maths grinds if your kids require them!