Part for 40-50 year old male

Monday, February 27th, 2023 at 1:46 pm | Uncategorized

Play in Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival

Casting Male Actor, to play journalist, 40s-50s, a pulitzer prize winning formerly feted war reporter now reduced to film junkets following an internet cancellation

He has a nervous energy, borne of the frustration of this career low, but as the play progresses it becomes clear he has a plan to re-establish himself.

A routine film junket goes awry when an actress, just nominated for an Oscar, encounters a bitter and previously “cancelled” Pulitzer prize winning war journalist, now reduced to showbiz writing. A sharp and darkly comic exploration of some of the most hot button issues currently animating the internet, and what happens when discourse on gender, on sex, on fame and privilege gets dragged into the harsh light of the real world. Garret Baker is the authot of two novels, (The Runts of the Litter and Love nor Lack of Love), and several plays, including the 2008 PPI award winning The Shepherd, starring Stephen Rea.

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