Short Student Film

Thursday, July 15th, 2021 at 1:58 pm | Castings and Jobs, News & Events

Fourth year TUD Film and Broadcasting students are making a short film called The Role Play. It is a horror/comedy about a couple, a director and actress who are trying to come up with a new horror film. They decide to role-play as an intruder breaking into a home trying to attack an innocent woman. What the female lead doesn’t expect is an actual intruder breaking in and trying to attack her. The characters are as follows:

Mike – (20s) An aspirational and ambitious up and coming director. He is subtle yet sporadic which at times can rub his partner Claire the wrong way. As an optimist with a growing ego, he is ready and prepared to be the next big thing even if it comes across as a little arrogant. Despite this, he sees himself as a likeable and fun-loving’ creative guy.

Claire – (20s) The opposite to Mike. She comes across as a little disinterested in Mike’s next big idea. She is snappy and short tempered and has no issue with standing up for herself. You could say that her reasoning behind staying with Mike is purely to help her career as an actor with there really being no love lost between them. Claire is a talented actor and can immediately switch to being a victim preyed upon by an intruder in a horror film. Versatility is key to her character.

The Intruder – Masked, in a boiler suit and large black boots. Their identity unknown. They are stocky and imposing and must be able to come across as slow, calculated and eerie. He is a very conventional masked killer.

It is essential for Claire and Mike to have chemistry with each other and be capable of delivering a lot of humour and wit in their dialogue. The most important element of this film is their rapport with one another.



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