Two Male Actors Needed

Tuesday, March 14th, 2023 at 2:31 pm | Castings and Jobs

UNPAID Shooting dates: two days, first two weeks of April

Logline: A young boy and his estranged father struggle to connect when the boy’s
mother passes away.

Synopsis: Sam moves in with his father Malcolm after his mother passes away.
Sam is an eccentric little boy, who loves to dance and wears bows in his hair. His
mother taught him to be confident in himself but that confidence is tested when
Malcolm tries to change the parts of Sam that make him who he is. Malcolm is a
farmer in rural Ireland who isn’t used to having children around. He doesn’t know
how to express his feelings to Sam, which, instead of coming across as worried and
loving, comes across as frustrated and disappointed. This difficulty to communicate
causes a disconnect between Malcolm and Sam, until Sam comes home one
evening with a bruised eye, and Malcolm must decide whether he wants to protect
his son, or let him fight his own battles.

– Age: 30-40
– Height: 5ft 8in – 6ft
– looking: slightly unkempt. Short messy hair, possible facial hair.
– Accent: Thick country accent
Malcolm is the silent type and we can tell a lot about how he’s feeling from his facial
expressions. He’s not usually one to express how he’s feeling. He’s unsure of how to
act around Sam at first, and then becomes frustrated when Sam won’t listen to him.
He wants to protect Sam but can’t communicate that. In the final scene he doesn’t
speak, and it’s through his actions and facial expressions that we find out he’s trying
to tell Sam he loves him.

– Age: 11-15
– Height: Avg. 4ft 8in-5ft
– Looking: preferably brown hair, innocent looking
– Accent: Dublin

Sam is a 12 year old boy who has just lost his mother, and is moving in with the
father he never met. His mother always taught him to express himself and to do
what makes him happy. He doesn’t conform to gender norms, and enjoys dancing
and always wears a bow in his hair. He challenges Malcolm at first when he is told
not to dress or act a certain way, before eventually giving in and dressing in his
father’s farm gear. His demeanour changes here as he has lost his confidence,
and seems quieter now around his father.