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Audition now for our most prestigious Part-Time course. Course begins October 2023.

There are four levels to the GSA Part-Time Training Suite

  • GSA START is the ideal beginners entry level course for people who are interested in embarking on their performance journey, but have limited experience.
  • GSA STUDIO is the second level in the GSA Part-time Training Suite and has been designed for those with some prior training.
  • GSA STAGE is the third level in the GSA Part-time Training Suite. This is an advanced training course for adults who have completed substantial experience or prior actor training.
  • GSA SELECT is the final level in the GSA Part-time Training Suite. This course has been designed specifically for advanced students, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves further in the field of creative performing arts.

Taking place on Tuesday mornings starting in October, this course will give those with prior acting experience the opportunity to work on key Irish theatre texts. This course would be of interest to Irish students wishing to learn more about the Irish Theatre canon, or international students travelling or living in Ireland.


This is a fun, creative 10-week course that covers the basics of improvisation all taught in an inclusive, relaxed environment. If you want to learn how to perform by just using your imagination with no script or no safety net, then this is the course for you. You will learn the skills and techniques required to sustain a story with sub-plots and integrate a set of leading and supporting characters in a single extended improvisation.

This MA in Theatre Practice is offered in conjunction with University College Dublin.

For more information see the course listing at UCD.

For other queries about the MA in Theatre Practice please email the course coordinator Antoinette Duffy at Antoinette@gaietyschool.com



We provide a selection of expert one to one coaching.



We provide a selection of expert one to one coaching.



A horrifying Musical Theatre camp for teenagers!


The Youth Theatre Company is the highest level of actor training at the Gaiety School of Acting for young people aged 14-18. Every year in September we audition for new members of the company.

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