POLITICALLY INCORRECT at the Granary Theatre

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 at 9:33 am | News & Events

Mon 19 – Wed 21 May at 8pm each evening.

The production is written by the students and is performed as direct address.
The essence of Politically Incorrect is a line of people making confessions from behind a long table. Occupying a brightly lit space, the performers take turns reading from the text that is strewn across the table. The litany of wrongdoing to which they confess ranges from the big time of forgery, murder or genocide to nasty little details, such as reading each other’s diaries and refusing to take the dogs out for a walk.  It is based on an idea by U.K. theatre company Forced Entertainment except the YT Company have expanded on this company’s ideas and created a new work which also looks at the audience-performer ‘contract’, Pavlovian response and improvisation in performance.  
Each show will be different to the next as different texts will be used, different music will be featured and the performers must respond accordingly.  Politically Incorrect is a unique piece of work, stylish, contemporary and above all irreverent.
For more information or to book tickets please contact The Granary Theatre.
Box Office +353 (0)21 4904275
Politically Incorrect
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