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Musical Theatre Camp: Greatest Hits! (13-18)

Musical Theatre Camp: Greatest Hits! (13-18)


Calling all teenage musical theatre enthusiasts! Get ready for a show-stopping experience at our Easter camp. Tailored for teens aged 13 to 18, this week-long camp is a journey through the timeless tunes and iconic performances that have graced the Broadway stage.



Chart-Topping Musical Exploration: Dive into the magic of musical theatre with a week filled with the greatest hits! The group will explore an array of classic and contemporary musicals, learning and performing memorable songs that have left an indelible mark on the world of theatre.

Vocal Mastery and Stage Presence: Sharpen your vocal prowess and stage presence under the guidance of experienced instructors. Campers will receive personalized coaching to enhance their singing abilities, all while learning the art of delivering a captivating performance on stage.

Dance to the Rhythm of Broadway: Feel the rhythm and express yourself through dance! Participants will engage in choreography sessions, bringing the vibrant energy of Broadway choreography to life. From classic jazz to modern musical styles, this camp is a celebration of movement and expression.

The week crescendos with a spectacular showcase where teens take center stage to perform their favorite musical hits. Family and friends are invited to witness the culmination of a week filled with music, dance, and the pure joy of musical theatre.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity for your teen to immerse themselves in the dazzling world of Broadway’s Greatest Hits. Spaces are limited, so enroll now and let the stage come alive with the sounds of musical magic!

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Monday 25 Mar - 29 Mar Temple Bar 10 am - 4 pm €210 Book

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