Film-making for Actors

About The Course

FILM+ is The Gaiety School of Acting’s new course developed for actors to write, act in and produce their own film.  During this innovative, practical course, students are completely immersed in the film-making process, surrounded by highly qualified tutors with real industry experience and working with state-of-the-art equipment.

This project-based course is designed to reflect the real-world environment. When not shooting or acting, students will work in production for the other films. This means real, hands-on experience in the production office, sound, lighting, camera, catering, or logistics departments. Students leave the course with their showreel, and acting, writing and production credits on their own short film

Who is FILM+ for?
Film-making for Actors is an advanced, intensive course for actors interested in writing for screen. It’s been developed for:

  • Actors with an interest in writing for screen
  • Those with acting training and/or industry experience
  • Actors with screenwriting ideas, experience or industry knowledge

What The Student Gains / End Product
Each group’s short film (up to 4 films) will be shot and completed to cinematic standard

  • Film submitted to national /international film festivals
  • Showreel filmed & edited
  • Writing, acting & production credits

Course Content
Students are divided into groups of 4 to 6 to write, produce and act in their short film. During the course, each student’s showreel will be shot and made available to them via Vimeo. Depending on number of students, up to 4 films will be shot by the end of the 3 months. Shooting and editing by Brick by Stone Productions. Lead tutor is Wesley O’Duinn.

Students are mentored in screenwriting by the lead tutor and guest tutors. The writing modules focus on developing student’s ideas or existing work. There will be a strong emphasis on writing scenes for fellow students and group feedback. Modules include:

  • Scene structure
  • Developing the hero’s journey
  • Developing the protagonist’s arc
  • Examining protagonist vs antagonist
  • Aristotle’s Poetics and the 3 Act Structure
  • Developing conflict between scenes
  • Examining Genre (Tragedy, Comedy, Horror, Sci-fi, Film Noir & Drama)
  • Writing for Genre

Character development, screen-acting and timing is a strong focus of the course. Lead and Guest tutors teach how actors can develop their character range and make themselves stand out on screen. Modules include:

  • Acting for Camera
  • Audition Techniques
  • Scene Development
  • Fighting on Camera (RADA certified tutor)
  • Character Development
  • Script Analysis

Film Production
This project-based course is designed to reflect the real-world environment. This means that students leave the course with their showreel, their own short film and acting, writing and production credits. When not shooting or acting, students will work in production for the other films.

  • Writing scenes and performing monologues
  • Writing for each other (fellow students)
  • Directing each other & giving feedback
  • Showreel scenes filmed
  • Pitching & Presentation
  • Developing log lings, short and long synopses
  • Production preparation and work: Organising, scheduling, logistics, accommodation, food, heating
  • Work as a production assistant on other group’s movies: Camera /production office / logistics/ catering/ lighting / sound

Course Commitment and Duration
This is an intensive, industry-focused course which will require a high level of commitment to produce high-quality results.
This course will take place during July, August & September 2017
4 days a week: Tuesday to Friday from 10am – 4pm each day
FILM+ is based at the Gaiety School of Acting, Temple Bar, Dublin 8

How to Apply
Entry to this course is by online application form & audition – Application is free
Apply here Application deadline is 31st March 2017

Auditions will be in 2nd week in April and applicants will be asked to perform:
A one minute self-written monologue to camera
A two hander scene to camera. (We provide an actor in place for auditions to read against)

Acceptance to course confirmed in last week of April 2017
All our policies are available to read or download here
Applicants must be over 18 years of age when the programme begins

The course fee is €2200
Direct Debit option available – speak to our office for details.
Upon acceptance onto the course, a €500 deposit is required

For any questions relating to the course, please call us on +353 (1) 679 9277 or email