Director Needed

Friday, November 12th, 2021 at 12:00 pm | Castings and Jobs, News & Events

‌ Bang for your Buck Productions is currently looking for an up and coming and hungry director for a rehearsed reading.

See below message from the writer:

“I have written a solo play entitled “Show me your friends”. It has been developed with assistance of a dramaturge, John Dawson from John Dawson writes, and I am looking to independently produce a rehearsed reading of it with a full cast to hear it back

The Play:
“Show me your friends” is a two-act solo play. It is about how the sins of the father will be revisited on the son, if they don’t take responsibility to break the vicious circle that holds them back. Also, it reflects how in the absence of a strong family unit and a good mentor in a present father, we can seek an alternative family that can be detrimental to our hopes, dreams and aspirations of a real one.

Vinny McHale is an actor/writer and comedian originally from the northwest of Ireland. In 2010 he won Best comedy newcomer at the Tramore comedy festival and was a finalist in the Nuthinn Butt Funny comedy competition. His solo show “The Look of Angel on the devil himself” played at the 2012 Edinburgh fringe and the 10 days in Dublin festival festivals. He currently hosts the Recluse’s Cookbook Podcast at

His theatre credits include: The Weir (RTG), Dancing at Lughnasa (Stage 2 theatre company), The Crucible (RPG), The Rainy Season, Breaking Glass & The Bear (The Drama Lab)

His screen credits include: Head Shop Men 2, Vampire V. Empire (Crack Act Productions), I’m Talking to you (Insanity Factory/Constant Motion pictures), Demon Hunter (Constant Motion Pictures), Ash Airways (Shooting films) & One Christmas Eve (Cineria Pictures)

Ideally I’m looking for someone who is hungry for an opportunity and in the past has demonstrated a good track record of making good decisions.”





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