Green by Brand, Green by Nature

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 at 10:57 am | News & Events

The Gaiety School of Acting, is recognisably Irish to the core, with the emerald green of the logo flying the flag for the home grown talent that goes on to infiltrate stages and sets worldwide. This year, the GSA is taking their “Green” nature to heart, with a new campus wide initiative to eradicate single use cups.

In a study from Government-funded Recycling List Ireland in 2018, a few shocking home truths came to light about disposable coffee cups. While many believe their convenient cappuccino to be served in “recyclable cups”, the actual cup is not currently recyclable in Ireland, meaning those 200 million coffee cups a year are going straight in the general waste.

In a bid to contribute in a small way to this environmental epidemic, GSA has introduced their own branded keep cups, distributing them for free to staff and full-time acting students, with the cups available to buy at discounted rates for all part-time students. The School is taking its stance seriously with the clamp down beginning in earnest as they enter a new term in April. And those who cross the threshold of the Temple Bar campus with a disposable cup? A 50c donation will be requested towards the charity Crann ‘Trees for Ireland’, an organisation set up in the same year as the Gaiety School of Acting, with the mission to “Releaf Ireland”.