Short film casting

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From the producer:

“I am currently producing a short film called “Real Girls In Your Area”, (based in Dublin City Centre) and I am looking for someone to play the lead. Maya is 22, cool, modern and self assured. She knows what she wants. She’s confident and stubborn on the outside. However the mounting pressure from those around her affects her more than she lets on. Underneath her tough exterior she mourns the loss of her parents in her life, and worries about what Ben might really think of her. “

Female, aged 22 to 30 

More about the project: 

“Real Girls In Your Area” follows Maya, our protagonist, as she takes up camming as a way to earn pocket money. She soon discovers a passion for it, and success along the way. When her parents discover her secret, they immediately force Maya out of their house, leaving her with no choice but to move in with her boyfriend, Ben. 

Although Maya’s sure of what she wants, it’s the disapproval of those closest to her that leaves her grappling with her choices. 

As her relationship with her parents and her boyfriend begin to crumble, Maya must decide what means more to her – what her loved ones think, or not giving in to unfair societal pressures. 

Our aim with our film is to shine light on women within the sex work industry and to highlight the unfair societal judgements they face daily. I am working with a production team which is mainly made up with young female filmmakers.

Please email before March 17th


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