Actors needed for filming project

Friday, January 7th, 2022 at 12:14 pm | Castings and Jobs, News & Events

OPEN CALL: The I-Save Project 

The I-Save Project aims at developing outputs to equip young migrants and refugees with the skills to advocate for their human rights and those of their community.

We are searching for actors to play a number of roles in an upcoming film project which is a key outcome of I-Save.

The I-Save Videos will be used to teach young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers how they can recognise when their rights have been violated. 

We have been collecting real stories from refugees in Ireland, Greece, Germany and Turkey that have been reshaped into 10 minute monologues.

The videos will be used for educational purposes.

We are currently looking for 5 actors for the below roles:


SAFAR 18-19’s, male, from Middle East, very small young man – Safar comes from an Afghan family of 11 siblings. He fled for Iran thinking it would be easier to find a job there, without the support of his family. He started a long journey through Pakistan and Iran, and arrived in Turkey where he still lives today. Safar experiences many discriminations and Human Right violations, both physical and psychological. His goal is to leave Turkey now, but he refuses to do it illegally.


BAASIL 18-25’s, male, from Middle East, bearded and athletic build – Baasil left Syria in 2014. His goal was to reach Greece. He travelled through Lebanon in the cold and pouring rain with his family. He was given the opportunity to take a boat to Greece but the embarkation was overcrowded and disaster ensued. Baasil managed to save his little sister and mother and was helped by a fisherman. After a few days of rest, they managed to cross the sea and arrived in Greece where they were received by organisations which welcomed and helped them. After two year in Greece, Baasil was accepted into a resettlement program and flew to Ireland where he now lives. 


KHALIL 18-25’s, male, from Middle EastKhalil was born from Afghan parents but grew up in Iran until the age of 16, when he decided to leave. Khalil travelled through Iran and Turkey to end up in Greece. Along this journey and upon arriving in Athens, Khalil encountered many difficulties including troubles with the police and with local gangs. Khalil ended up in a camp where he pursued his education as best he could. He is still in the process of being recognised as an asylum seeker in Greece.


KIDANE 18-25’s, male, from Eastern Africa – Kidane left Eritrea to flee the dictatorship and his awaiting fate in the military. He left by foot with a friend, they walked through several countries, encountering many dangers. His family managed to help him get out of several situations by sending him money. Once in Europe, Kidane travelled through Italia to finally settle in Bavaria, but he kept on being moved from accommodation to accommodation. Even in Germany, his human rights are not respected and he experiences discrimincation, racism and violations.


MOHAMMED 18-19’s, male, from Middle East, small and slight builtMohammed arrived in Germany at just 18. He arrived with a relative to the country after an 8-day long journey. Mohammed fled the war in Syria in the hope of finding work elsewhere to support his family. He stayed in Turkey for a while where he worked illegally in a carpentry workshop. After a while he continued his journey to Germany. Upon arriving he got really sick. Once he got better, he worked hard to learn the language and integrate into the country as best he could.


We will hold auditions online on the 14th of January. All these roles will be paid at a €250 fee per role. Expenses will not be covered. 

The filming will take place in Dublin.


If you think you fit one of these roles, please send an email including your CV, headshot and which role you would like to be considered for to 

We will send you more information for the audition, including audition piece and time. 


Best of luck!