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Monday, February 14th, 2022 at 2:11 pm | Castings and Jobs, News & Events

High Entropy is a comedy, with a heart. 

SHANE (he/him), a trans guy finally gets to meet AOIFE’S (they/them) parents now that he is “passing”. It’s a family dinner to celebrate,  BILL (he/him), Aoife’s fathers reluctant retirement after a heart attack. VIOLET (she/her), Aoife’s Mother is hosting. But all she can really  think about is when she might have grandchildren. She’s desperate. 

Aoife’s sister CLODAGH (she/her) is supposed to be a source of support to both Aoife and Shane but tensions only rise when she  shows up drunk. And she knows Shane’s secret. 

This dinner is in danger of serving a course too many! 

The story will explore family dynamics, identity, censorship, and the factors that can affect a good relationship, not only between other  people but between people and their bodies. It will delve into the fear associated with being queer and the acts of censoring oneself in  order to be accepted and safe. 

High Entropy is about coming out of one closet and going into another. 

This project was selected by Film EU pilot programme to be made in partnership with four other Film Schools from around Europe. The project was written by a non-binary trans man who felt the need in writing this to come out. And so, High Entropy is a very personal  project.

**Expenses paid

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