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Moe Dunford graduated from the Full Time Professional Actor Training course at the school in 2009. He is the title star of the movie ‘Patrick’s Day’ which recently won ‘Best Irish Feature’ at Galway Film Fleadh, ‘Best Feature’, ‘Best Cinematography’ and ‘Best Editing’ at Woodstock Film Festival & The Screen Directors Guild Finders series award. Moe won ‘Best Actor’ at Hells Half Mile Film & Music Festival in Michigan & was nominated for the Bingham Ray New Talent award at the Galway Film Fleadh for playing Patrick. ‘Patrick’s Day’ is due for general release in Irish cinemas February next year and also stars GSA graduate, Catherine Walker (Class of 1996). Moe also plays Aethelwulf, opposite Travis Fimmell & Linus Roache in ‘Vikings’ season 2, currently airing on RTE 2 on Monday nights at 9.30pm and has just finished filming ‘Vikings’ season 3 which is due to February 2015. 

1. Did you always want to work in the film/acting business?
No, I loved films, but I didn’t want to be an actor. I’d do impressions and mimic people alright..that was it. Things changed when I was in junior cert. Some of my friends had the balls to go on stage and perform ‘Macbeth.
I watched and wanted to be up there, but I was scared. I didn’t want to get slagged by the older years, for basically, expressing myself. Eventually, I bit the bullet and tried it out.

2. How did you start off in the business?
I wanted to do something different, have an adventure. Challenge myself. It was going to the Gaiety School of Acting that put me on this path.

3. Any tips for aspiring actors/film makers?

I’m still learning at listening and showing genuine interest. What I can say is stay away from the idiots. There’s a lot of people think they know it all, they don’t. Listen and learn from the people you respect. Be open, and dive in.

4. What did you like most about being at The Gaiety School of Acting – The National Theatre School of Ireland?
The best friends I made there and feeling free to fail, to be ridiculous, and take risks.

My class mate was doing a performance piece about ‘The Troubles’ when we were in 1st year. I ended up joining in. He was going around asking people to make a stand. I thought he was asking for someone to help him out. He wasn’t. I still remember the moment. “What the f*** are ya doing ya mad b***ard?!” He said. Ha. I failed, spectacularly. As embarrassing it was, I’m glad of it. it got me over the fear of getting up in front of people and looking stupid. The first of many times and counting.- Oh, some rocks were thrown, but I only threw water bottles.Get the story right next time you tell it to your first years, Delaney! I recommend going to this drama school just so you can fail loads and own it. It stands to you! It was a great education.

5. Favourite actor?
Linus Roache. He plays my father on ‘Vikings’ and has been very supportive from the start. He’s an intuitive guy and it’s been very exciting to work with him, particularly this year, as we get to play more.

6. Favourite writer?
Tennessee Williams, Charles Bukowski, William Shakespeare, Terry McMahon

7. Favourite film?
On the Waterfront

8. Who has been the most influential person in your life so far?

Terry McMahon, for believing in my potential to play such a complicated character and do it without cliché when he cast me in ‘Patricks Day’.

9. Earliest memory?
My first day of play school.. I threw a tantrum at the gates. I wouldn’t go in until my mother dressed me as Zorro. So she did, and I had a blast. 

10. What would be your idea of the perfect day?

It’s what you make it. I love the outdoors, I’ve been travelling around lately and am enjoying being able to do it, and getting perspective, that’s enough. If my family and friends are safe and well then that’s the main thing. Looking forward to spending time with them when I get home.moedunford_patricks day movie


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