Shakespeare for Primary Schools

Introduce your students to the world of Shakespeare long before they enter Post Primary School Shakespeare level. Our Shakespeare session is focused on creating and designing your own version of the play with the opportunity to interact with the text, and learn about acting, directing, characters and much more (pupils can also engage with the text through Puppet Theatre).This Programme endeavours to be a fun and engaging first experience of Shakespeare that students will never forget.

General Learning Outcomes

  • Inspiring the pupils to make-believe and play.
  • Developing the ability to play a role as an essential part of the action.
  • Experiencing how objects can help create the reality of the make-believe world.
  • Developing, in role, the ability to co-operate and communicate with others in helping to shape the drama/scene.
  • Exploring and learning about the relationship between story, theme and life.


  • English
  • SPHE
  • Art
  • Physical Education

Contact Us:

To book a Shakespeare workshop, or to discuss our programmes further, contact us via email at or give us a call on 01 – 6799277 and ask for Anna.